Widen your horizons, don’t be self-conscious, these dress styles help narrow your shoulders gracefully

Here are some shirt styles that fashion experts recommend women with broad shoulders to "indulge" in to help them appear slimmer.


Wide shoulders make women appear more sturdy and masculine. Wide shoulders also indicate that a woman has to carry a lot, making her look strong and masculine. Because of this, many women with broad shoulders feel insecure and desire narrower shoulders. Don’t worry if you have wide shoulders, choose the following clothing styles and you will feel more delicate and gentle:

Seductive V-neck dress

A wide V-shaped neckline helps you appear slimmer and more graceful. It attracts attention to the neck, chest, collarbone, and distracts from the wide shoulders. If you have a beautiful chest and graceful collarbones, a wider V-neck will be more attractive and sexy.

Asymmetrical off-shoulder tops

This asymmetrical design is a magical trick to make your broad shoulders look smaller. When the shoulders are off, it becomes difficult for others to determine the width of your shoulders.

Off-shoulder tops are also easy to mix and match. You can pair them with jeans, trousers, and various types of skirts to create fashion styles suitable for each occasion.

Loose-sleeved tops

Tops with loose and airy sleeves are also suitable for people with broad shoulders. The design of these tops will allow the shoulders to appear slim as they flow down towards the arms. Combining a V-neck with loose sleeves is a perfect combination.

Avoid spaghetti straps, cupped tops, halters, or off-shoulder tops

These designs are not suitable for people with broad shoulders because they highlight your shoulder area.

Avoid dreamy puffy sleeves

This design is very popular among women because of its feminine and elegant appearance. However, for girls with broad and sturdy shoulders, be careful. The puffy sleeves will make your shoulders look even bulkier.

Avoid raised patterns and accessories on the shoulders and arms

If the top has raised flowers or accessories on the shoulders or arms, it will draw attention to your shoulders. Therefore, people with broad shoulders should only emphasize the waist or chest area, instead of focusing on the shoulder and arm area.

Frequently asked questions

There are several fashion tips you can follow to achieve a more balanced look:

  • Opt for a seductive V-neck dress: The wide V-shaped neckline will draw attention downwards, making your shoulders appear narrower and accentuating your collarbones and chest.
  • Try asymmetrical off-shoulder tops: By exposing the shoulders, this design makes it harder to determine their width, creating an illusion of narrower shoulders.
  • Wear loose-sleeved tops: The flowy design of these tops will make your shoulders seem slim and graceful.
  • Combine a V-neck with loose sleeves: This combination is perfect for creating a delicate silhouette.

To avoid drawing attention to your shoulders, steer clear of the following:

  • Spaghetti straps, cupped tops, halters, and traditional off-shoulder tops: These styles highlight the shoulder area, making them appear broader.
  • Dreamy puffy sleeves: While feminine, puffy sleeves add bulk to the shoulders, accentuating their width.
  • Raised patterns and accessories on the shoulders and arms: Floral patterns or accessories on the shoulders will draw the eye upwards, emphasizing the width of your shoulders and arms.
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