5 Bad Habits of Children That Need to Be Corrected Before They Turn 6

Children have numerous bad habits that parents need to discipline. Here are 5 bad habits that should be corrected before a child turns 6 to help them develop a better personality.


Children are like blank sheets of paper, so their personality will gradually form over time through observation and learning from the adults around them. But children cannot distinguish between right and wrong, so there will be bad habits that need to be corrected by parents. Like the 5 bad habits below need to be corrected by parents before the child turns 6 years old, let’s find out now!

1 Watching TV freely, addicted to video games

Watching TV freely, addicted to video gamesWatching TV freely, addicted to video games

Children are naturally attracted to watching TV, attracted by animated films and children’s programs. Nowadays, the emergence of electronic devices such as phones, iPads, and computers has made it even more attractive for children through games. If parents do not control it, children will gradually develop bad habits such as addiction to TV, phones, etc.

This will affect the eyesight, health, physical and intellectual development of children, and distract them from the things they need to do. For this reason, parents need to limit children’s exposure to these devices by creating interest for them through outdoor activities, reading books, and creating brain development games for children to participate in,…

2 Parents call but the child does not respond

Parents call but the child does not respondParents call but the child does not respond

When parents ask the child to do something but do not receive a response, they should quickly correct it. Because if this situation occurs frequently for a long time, the child will become lazy, undisciplined, disobedient, and it will be difficult to adjust this bad habit later on. To improve this habit, parents should reduce nagging, blame, or complain to the child, and should not intervene too much when the child is doing something. For example, when the child is wearing shoes but struggling to walk in them, parents can guide the child on how to properly walk in shoes, patiently observe the child doing it themselves to learn how to walk in shoes.

When the child is not interrupted or complained about what they are doing, they will feel more comfortable and open-minded to parents to find ways to solve them. By doing this, the child will learn self-service skills, respect parents, and not develop the habit of ignoring all the words and requests of parents.

3 Speaking unclearly or misusing words

Speaking unclearly or misusing wordsSpeaking unclearly or misusing words

During the stage when children are learning to speak, they may stutter, speak slowly, speak in reverse, or misuse words. At this time, parents need to adjust for the child to correct these mistakes in a timely manner to avoid communication difficulties in the future. Language experts say that children who stutter or speak slowly, the earlier parents correct them, the better. In conversations, parents should teach children listening skills, not interrupting or interrupting others while they are speaking. To teach children to correct these mistakes, parents need to listen to the child.

By doing this, parents will help children develop fluent, confident, and coherent speaking skills. Even though parents are busy, they should try to spend time talking and playing with the child, telling stories for the child to listen to, and encouraging the child to read many books to improve their communication skills.

4 Speaking loudly in public

Speaking loudly in publicSpeaking loudly in public

Some bad personality traits of children will be revealed when they go to public places because children always “borrow” crowded places to cuddle and demand some things from their parents. At this point, you will see how a child is raised. For that reason, parents should teach children some rules and social etiquette when going out.

In addition, parents should also be role models for their children when going out. Because young children will observe and learn from what adults do. Therefore, parents should use their actions to convey the most correct and proper things for children to learn from.

5 Working slowly or procrastinating

Working slowly or procrastinatingWorking slowly or procrastinating

Each child has a different pace of completing tasks. But there are children who have the habit of being slow and procrastinating in everything, or even not caring about completing tasks on time. Therefore, parents need to observe to adjust this bad habit for the child, to avoid affecting the child’s future.

To improve this bad habit, parents can try using a timer or a clock to make the child aware of the time needed to complete the tasks. From here, parents can help the child build a reasonable schedule, set time milestones for completing the tasks, and develop the child’s perseverance and time sensitivity. If the child does not know how to read the clock, parents can show them how!

In this way, we have explored together the 5 bad habits of children that need to be corrected before the child turns 6 years old! We hope that the above article provides you with useful information in raising and educating children correctly.

Source: Vietnam Women’s Newspaper

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