21 Psychological Tricks to Utilize in Everyday Life

Unlock the secret of success with these psychological tactics.


1. People remember the first and last things that appear, almost only vaguely remembering the content in the middle.

When interviewing, it is advisable to boldly ask the employer about your interview order and try to be the first or last candidate.

21 useful psychological tips for life 1
When interviewing, the first or last person is usually noticed – (Illustration)

2. If you work at a bar counter or any customer service job

It is advisable to place a mirror behind you at the counter. This way, demanding customers in contact with you will see themselves angry in the mirror and surely they will behave differently.

3. Dig deep into the interview … interested in the person interviewing you

If you focus on learning about them, they will feel that you are an interesting and dynamic person. (Again, who doesn’t like talking about themselves).

4. If you want to build a relationship or gain someone’s trust quickly, align with their body position and posture

If someone is sitting with their legs crossed, you also sit with your legs crossed. If they lean towards the opposite, you also lean towards the opposite. If they lean towards you, lean towards them. Mirroring and aligning body positions is a subconscious way of saying trust and comfort. If you are sitting with your arms crossed and you see that person is also sitting with their arms crossed, it implies that you have successfully built a good relationship with that person.

5. If you ask someone a question and they only answer halfway, wait

If you stay silent and keep looking, they will continue to answer you.

6. Chew gum when facing a situation that makes you anxious like giving a speech or bungee jumping

While eating, our brain sends a signal: “I can’t eat when I’m in danger. So now I’m safe.” A useful tip to keep you calm.

7. When a group of people laugh, instinctively, others will look at the person they feel closest to in that group

8. People don’t remember what you say, they remember how you made them feel.

Everyone likes to talk about themselves, so ask a lot of questions about them.

9. When you learn something new, teach it to a friend. Let them ask you questions

Once you can teach something well, it means you understand it well.

10. If you genuinely feel happy and joyful when meeting people, they will also react the same way towards you

It may not succeed the first time, but surely this will happen in subsequent times.

21 useful psychological tips for life 2

When you are happy with others, others will be happy with you – (Illustration)

11. The physical effects of stress on breathing and heart rate are similar to the physical effects of courage

Take advantage of this opportunity to become brave and throw yourself into a challenge.

12. Pay attention to the other person’s feet

When you approach two people talking to each other, and they turn their bodies towards you while their feet remain unchanged, it means they do not want you to join in the ongoing conversation. Similarly, if you are talking to a colleague and you think they are focused on you, but you notice that their upper body is turned towards you, while their feet are pointing in another direction, it means they just want to end the conversation.

13. Mimic until you can do it. Confidence is more important than ability

14. If you pretend to do something long enough, eventually it will become part of you

15. Actions influence attitudes more than attitudes influence actions

You can jump around just for fun, but you can also enjoy jumping around.

16. Build a network

Be a source of information. Just one beer with an old colleague once a year, your name will be “hot” in the company. And when that colleague gets a new position in the company that you desire, what could be better! Invite them for a beer and ask about that workplace for example. It’s all about relationships and information.

17. If you are angry because the car in front is driving like an old lady…

Just imagine that it’s your grandmother, this will calm you down somewhat.

18. Parents please note: Always give your child the opportunity to choose, help them feel empowered

For example, when you want your son to bring his own shoes, ask: “Today, do you want to wear blue shoes or red shoes?”. The child will be very excited to be able to choose the shoes he likes and will happily put on the shoes without needing parental nagging.

Especially: In some cases, this tip is also quite effective for adults.

19. Stand straight

Don’t slouch, hands out of pockets, head held high. It’s really effective – you will feel much more confident and in the eyes of others as well.

21 useful psychological tips for life 3

Stand up straight, keep a relaxed and confident mindset, and you will succeed – (Illustration)

20. Don’t say “I think” or “I believe” unless necessary

These phrases do not show confidence, and literally, this statement makes people feel unsure about anything.

21. When worried about something, roll up your sleeves and tidy up your home or workspace

You will feel happier and the complete feeling will partially dispel the worries.

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