“5 things you should never throw away when moving houses, they can help you get rich in your new home”

When decluttering and moving to a new home, many people tend to have the mindset of getting rid of old things to travel light. However, there are 5 items that the wise old folks advise not to throw away.


Moving house often makes you tired and you will immediately declutter and bring with you only the essential items, while old items are often left behind, even thinking that it’s better to buy new items in the new house. However, according to feng shui, there are certain things that when left behind in the old house, you are abandoning your fortune, and when moving to a new house, you will encounter bad luck.

Moving house is often a time of renewal and a move to a more beautiful and luxurious house. Usually, when moving houses, it indicates a change in fortune, and if the new house is more beautiful, it means your fortune is improving. Therefore, if you leave behind these things in the old house, be careful as your fortune may decline. If you move to a smaller and less desirable house due to financial decline, it means your fortune is deteriorating, so you should not abandon these 5 things.

These are:

Don’t leave behind old bowls

Bowls symbolize fortune, the sustenance of the owner. In the past, people avoided leaving behind old bowls when moving houses. Leaving them behind is like giving up on your fortune, giving up on the sustenance of your life. Leaving behind bowls is like abandoning your work and career. Therefore, when moving houses, you must carefully pack the kitchen utensils, especially the bowls, without leaving any behind.


Old pillows are often left behind when moving to a new house because they are worn out. However, pillows are very important for your health. Familiar pillows help you sleep better and deeper. When moving to a new house, with everything being unfamiliar, including the pillows, it can cause difficulty sleeping and negatively affect your health, leading to a decline in fortune. People in the past often used “durable” pillows such as stone pillows, bamboo pillows, wooden pillows, and wealthy families even used gemstone pillows… So when moving houses, you should bring your pillows with you as they are also assets.

Family Heirlooms

If you have family heirlooms, even if they are old, do not leave them behind. These old items may not have much monetary value, but they hold a lot of sentimental value, they are mementos to remember your grandparents, ancestors, and the past. Many people value old objects as a kind of “family treasure” and they represent family traditions. Therefore, leaving them behind means giving up on family traditions, giving up on your grandparents and ancestors. So don’t give up. Moreover, old items can be valuable antiques, you never know when they can make you suddenly wealthy.

Spiritual Altar

The spiritual altar is highly important, so when moving, it should be carefully wrapped and protected, avoid leaving it behind. Sincere worship at the altar brings blessings. When you want to move to a new house, you must bring along the deities that you have worshiped for a long time. Therefore, the first thing when moving houses is to light incense and pray to the deities. Then choose an auspicious day and month to “invite” the statues to the new house. In the eyes of the ancients, “abandoning” the spiritual altar in the old house is a lack of respect for the deities, and it will bring you misfortune and a difficult life.

Old Books

Books are a source of knowledge that helps people succeed. The ancients had a saying, “In books, there is gold and gems,” so you should never throw away old books. Reading books can change your destiny, enhance your intelligence, and broaden your horizons. From ancient times to the present, reading books is an extremely important activity.

Books become even more valuable when they provide you with knowledge and help you have a job and a successful career, so when moving houses, you should definitely bring them along.

In reality, when moving houses, we need to choose what to bring and what to leave behind to make the move easier, especially when moving long distances. However, remember not to abandon things related to spirituality and family traditions. Even if the journey is burdensome and packing is tiring, try to bring them along because they are your fortune.

The information provided is for reference and contemplation purposes

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Frequently asked questions

Old newspapers can be useful for packing fragile items such as glassware and ceramics. They can also be used to clean windows and mirrors in your new home.

Cardboard boxes are essential for packing and transporting your belongings. You can also use them to create a temporary play area for your children or pets in your new home until you unpack and organize everything.

Plastic bags have a variety of uses when moving house. They can be used to line trash cans, protect furniture from dust and dirt, and store small items such as cables and screws.

Keeping paint cans from your old home can be useful for touch-ups in your new home. You can also use the leftover paint for small projects, such as creating accent walls or painting furniture.

Old clothes can be used as packing material to wrap and protect fragile items. They can also be donated to charity or sold at a garage sale if they are in good condition.