“7 Parenting Mistakes That Lead to Bad Behavior in Children”

Raising and educating children is important but not easy. It is crucial to be aware of the 7 parenting mistakes that can actually make children more misbehaved. Find out more in this article!


All parents want their children to be useful individuals to society. However, imposing rules and maintaining a rigid education in order to ensure the obedience of children is a misguided perspective that many parents still apply. Let’s find out in this article the wrong methods of teaching children!

1Scolding and criticizing children in public

Scolding and criticizing children in front of others is not only a mistake, but it can also have long-term negative effects on their mental well-being. Being scolded in public not only causes children to lose face, but it can also create deep psychological wounds.

Scolding and criticizing children in publicScolding and criticizing children in public

Instead of solving the problem by punishing them in front of others, try to understand the reasons behind their actions and have a discussion with them. This approach will yield long-term results!

2Giving orders without explanations and constant criticism

Most mothers make the common mistake of thinking that conveying a simple message will make it easier for children to obey. However, what they often forget is that when children understand the issue in detail, they will be more motivated and capable of listening.

Giving orders without explanations and constant criticismConstant orders without explanations and criticism

Instead of giving short orders like “Don’t touch this!” at the supermarket, it is more effective to take the opportunity to explain in detail. For example, instead of forbidding, you can say: “This vase is very heavy, if you hold it, it may break. If that happens, we will have to pay a lot of money and your foot may get hurt.” Similarly, when your child wants to drink sugarcane juice, you can share: “The sugarcane juice at the bus station is not clean, I’m afraid you will have a stomachache if you drink it.”

Some parents often expect their children to be mature, but instead of encouraging and praising them, they choose to criticize and scold. This can make children feel discontented and insecure about themselves.

3Inconsistent parenting opinions

Raising children is a joint responsibility of both parents. When parents have different opinions and approaches, it can put children in difficult situations when deciding whose opinion to follow. When children hear their father’s opinion, they may think that their mother is too strict or unfair.

This can lead to dissatisfaction and increase the likelihood of children wanting to rebel, feeling caught between two conflicting opinions. This can affect the emotional well-being and development of children.

Inconsistent parenting opinionsInconsistent parenting opinions

4Providing too many choices for children

Children who have only one or two toys will cherish them in their childhood memories, even throughout their lives.

On the contrary, when children have too many choices, they may struggle to experience complete joy and happiness because they cannot fully focus on one thing.

Providing too many choices for childrenProviding too many choices for children

5Setting a bad example for children

Young children can be compared to blank sheets of paper, absorbing knowledge through observation of the people around them, especially their parents. If you are a healthy person but still use disability lanes, your child is likely to imitate that behavior through the process of learning from the social environment.

Setting a bad example for childrenSetting a bad example for children

6Always making excuses for children

Expressing anger is a normal part of the developmental process for young children, but if not controlled, it can lead to behavior disorders – a problem that the World Health Organization recognizes and calls for early intervention to help children.

Sometimes, some parents may seek reasons and make excuses for their child’s misbehavior without acknowledging the real issue.

Always making excuses for childrenAlways making excuses for children

Child rudeness can stem from a lack of social skills, a common issue that occurs when parents frequently speak on behalf of their children. To help children develop, create opportunities for them to freely express their desires and thoughts. This way, children feel respected and build self-confidence.

7Giving orders to children without explanations

Many people believe that having children and dealing with the hardships of raising them gives them the right to mistreat their children. However, this perspective can lead to a disruptive behavior in children when they feel they are being treated unfairly.

Giving orders to children without explanationsGiving orders to children without explanations

To avoid this, parents need to explain the reasons behind their decisions and provide logical and consistent explanations for their children to hear. This way, children will be able to adjust their behavior based on understanding and respect from their parents.

Above is an article about the 7 wrong parenting styles that make children more deviant that we introduce to you. We hope that with the sharing above, many parents will make reasonable adjustments in their parenting methods for more effective results!

Source: Education and Times Newspaper.

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