Beware of these three places: they can ruin your fortune and bring misfortune. Where are they?

Never underestimate the wisdom of our ancestors. There are three places that can bring immense fortune to people, leaving a lasting impact on their lives. These places should never be taken lightly, as they hold the power to shape one's destiny.


Each of us has certain energy vibrations. Whether a person’s life is good or bad, it depends on the frequency of their energy vibrations. When the energy vibration is high, they will meet noble and honorable people. When the energy vibration is low, they will feel discouraged and exhausted.

The places we often interact with low vibrations will pull us down.

Moreover, feng shui of a person is not just about feng shui objects like gems, silver, coins, clothes… It starts from the heart. When we think about something, it will be expressed in our appearance. When we often interact with certain people, certain places, it also determines our feng shui. What we are passionate about, how we behave, that is our inner self. Feng shui and physiognomy teach us more about the inner self than the outer appearance. That’s why the places we often appear will “warm” into our lives, bringing luck or misfortune. People who often interact with noble and virtuous people, good places will encounter good luck and learn from it. People who often interact with wicked places will have a negative aura.

Therefore, the wise advise their descendants to avoid 3 extremely bad feng shui places that affect their lifelong fortune, even affecting future generations. These places are:

Places related to red and black “gambling”

In the past, gambling was usually in the form of games like dice, pigeon nests… Nowadays, these places are thriving and exist in various forms, from online to offline, from dice, pigeon nests, card games, roulette, bettting… to lucky number guessing, lucky number drawing, lottery… Many people rely on luck, always thinking “maybe this time will be lucky” and they waste their time and money there instead of using that time to make money, create value. The ancients said, “Gamblers don’t last long, of ten rounds, they lose nine.” Whoever belongs to the heavens will repay to the earth. Those who bet on numbers will end up in marshes.

Many people try it once and end up doing it many times, making their lives miserable in such places. The obsession drags them in, staying up late, being lazy, living in the darkness, hiding at night, so their appearance is weak, pale, tired, with dark circles under their eyes, emitting negative energy vibrations, losing the noble appearance given by their parents, nurturing the evil appearance taught by demons.

If everyone relies on luck, who will be the actual producer and creator of valuable products and services? So gambling luck has no value, no fortune, that’s where the problem lies. Because they don’t contribute anything to society. Some people, when they lose, put all their assets in and hope to recover, but they can’t. For centuries, people who got involved in gambling and red-black gambling had bad luck, suffering for their descendants, separating from their spouses, hiding from debt, unable to hold their heads up.

Places with gambling are often associated with alcohol, debauchery, cursing, fighting, threatening, and killing. That’s why gambling takes away fortune, reduces wealth because it doesn’t bring any positive things. To make fortune rise, we must work hard, broaden our knowledge, go out into the light, communicate and learn. But gamblers go out secretly, hide in hidden corners, cursing and swearing, behaving badly, sardine-like gatherings. There is no fresh life energy in that. Dreamers who get rich overnight usually don’t earn money and can’t live a stable life. Because life is karma, what you sow is what you reap, don’t just rely on luck. Luck comes from our accumulated merits, not from nowhere. The righteous and sustainable path to wealth is to create meaningful value for this life.

Avoid meaningless evening parties

The belief that money comes first, relationship comes second has led many people to fall into many social interactions to establish business relationships, but in reality, many useless parties involve getting drunk, saying things and then forgetting them. The ancestors have said, don’t trust the promises made at a drinking table. Quality relationships will happen in quality meetings. Drinking parties only create very little value.

People who don’t create real value, don’t have knowledge, talent, no matter how many parties they attend, it is useless and harms the body because of alcohol and lack of sleep. Many people think that the more parties they attend, the more relationships they have. That is partially true because you meet more people and know more, but it is important that you create quality relationships that bring business deals and money, while low-quality relationships only bring fatigue. Therefore, as ordinary people, it is better to participate less in evening parties and drinking parties. First, you won’t achieve anything. Second, it will harm your health.

In the past, the upper class often organized parties for their offspring to socialize with each other. But those were all carefully selected and limited parties, not useless parties. So if you can’t determine who will be at the party, what their roles are, how important they are, then don’t attend, because it will only make you more tired and harm your health.

Avoid places of conflict

Places of conflict are places like pubs, leisure places where people sit and gossip, creating false happiness, talking about others. Places that create conflict have very bad energy vibrations causing misunderstandings, conflicts, and spreading bad rumors about others. What comes out of your mouth is what you get from creating conflicts. Those who create conflicts not only harm themselves but also affect others.

Avoid places of conflict because sometimes you don’t say anything, you keep silent, but others see you there with those people, and they will be related to that too. You won’t cause trouble, but trouble will stick to you like dust sticks to your clothes when you walk through a dusty place.

Therefore, in life, if you want to create good feng shui for yourself, it is not only about bringing feng shui objects on your body or displaying them in your home, but also about preparing a feng shui mindset, staying away from disturbing and ugly places, self-cultivation, improving your knowledge and intelligence, then your feng shui will be good, your fortune will rise, your career will succeed.

The information is for reference and contemplation purposes only

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