Compilation of MSB Customer Service Hotlines at Major Branches

The MSB call center provides users with a vital link between them and businesses, offering assistance with complaints and queries. The center's staff are on hand to provide clear solutions and ensure that customers' issues are resolved effectively.


MSB hotline is a reputable channel where customers can accurately grasp information about the bank’s services as well as information related to their own transactions and accounts. In this article, let’s find out about the MSB hotline with FPT Shop.

What is the MSB hotline?

Among the customer care services that MSB bank is providing, the 24/7 MSB hotline is a preferred contact method for many customers. You just need to call this hotline to get answers to your questions and handle issues related to your account, transactions, quickly and promptly.

MSB hotline - 24/7 customer support hotline (Image 1)

Here are the MSB hotline numbers applied nationwide: 024 3944 5566 or 1800 599 999 (free of charge).

In addition, starting from March 15, 2022, MSB has deployed a new Contact Center channel for individual customers with the number 1900 6083. When calling this hotline, you can request services such as:

  • Activate, lock, unlock international debit cards, inquire about credit card balances,…
  • Lock, unlock, reset passwords for e-banking accounts, 24/7 transfer reconciliation,…
  • Inquire about account balances.

MSB hotline - 24/7 customer support hotline (Image 2)

The 1900 6083 hotline is available 24/7 and ready to support various customer issues. With a team of professional hotline operators, the process of receiving and processing requests happens quickly, accurately, and attentively.

For business customers, there is a dedicated hotline: 1800 6260.

MSB hotline for major branches

In addition to the nationwide MSB hotline numbers mentioned above, the bank also provides additional hotlines corresponding to each branch to support customers in resolving issues promptly and avoid network congestion.

MSB hotline for some branches in Hanoi

  • Hoang Mai: (024) 3641 7644.
  • Hoan Kiem: (024) 39291616.
  • Hai Ba Trung: (024) 3 9448 050.
  • Ha Dong: (024) 3 3115 899.
  • Cau Giay: (024) 3 7918 352,…

MSB hotline - 24/7 customer support hotline (Image 3)

MSB hotline for some branches in Ho Chi Minh City

  • Thu Duc: (028) 3729 4940.
  • Tan Phu: (028) 3 8160 491.
  • Tan Binh: (028) 39485886.
  • Phu Nhuan: (028) 35511617.
  • Go Vap: (028) 3989 7944,…

MSB hotline for some branches in other provinces/cities

  • Ninh Binh: (0229) 3899 130.
  • Hue: (0234) 3981 111.
  • Ca Mau: (0290) 3699 888.
  • Lam Dong: (0263) 3582 888.
  • Quang Ngai: (0255) 730 5566,…

Things to note when contacting the MSB hotline

To easily contact MSB hotline operators and process requests quickly, you need to note the following:

  • The general MSB hotline number is used for all branches and offices of the bank nationwide. Regardless of which province or district you are in, you can contact the hotline to get assistance. However, when you want to contact the specific hotline of each branch, you need to determine which branch you are near to choose the corresponding phone number.

MSB hotline - 24/7 customer support hotline (Image 4)

  • Before calling the MSB hotline, you should prepare some personal information such as: Full name, ID card, account number/ATM card number for identification and quick processing. Note that you should never provide any passwords (OTP codes) related to your transactions.
  • Also, before contacting the hotline, you should prepare questions and inquiries related to the issue you are facing to receive the fastest support from MSB hotline operators, avoiding wasting time for both parties.

Those were the shares from FPT Shop about the nationwide MSB hotline and some specific hotlines of major branches. This will be a reliable and official channel for you to learn more about MSB’s services, as well as get answers to your questions and handle requests as quickly as possible. If you need any information or support from MSB bank, please contact the appropriate hotline number for assistance!

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