Four easy and accurate ways to quickly look up F88 loan terms

Looking to check your F88 loan details such as interest rates, repayment terms, outstanding balance, etc.? Wondering how to do it? Look no further than FPT Shop. Our comprehensive guide will walk you through the process step by step. Don't miss out on staying up to date with your F88 loan information. Read on to find out more!


You have a loan with F88 but you forgot the payment deadline, the amount you have to pay, the interest rate you have to pay,…? Then you should refer to the simple and accurate ways to look up F88 loans below!

Benefits of looking up F88 loans

Looking up F88 loans is the process of checking and reviewing all information about the loan. This is necessary because it brings many benefits to you such as:

  • Ensuring transparency and accuracy of loan information, avoiding errors and confusion about the loan amount, settlement deadline,…
  • Checking the paid amount, remaining debt, contract expiration date, loan settlement date.
  • Effectively managing loans, building and implementing a suitable debt repayment plan, avoiding bad debts risks.
  • Monitoring contract information, updating the latest situation of the loan.

Guide to 04 ways to look up F88 loans

Looking up loans on F88 website

To look up any loan contract, the easiest way is to access the website online at the loan location. Similarly, at F88, when you want to borrow money or look up loans, you can contact via the Chatbox system on the F88 website to be supported by advisors.

Looking up by calling the F88 hotline

The F88 hotline is the place to advise, support, and answer all issues related to the products and services provided by F88. Therefore, if you want to look up your loan at this unit, you can contact the customer care hotline with the following steps:

Step 1: Enter the F88 hotline number 1800 6388 then press the Call button.

Step 2: After successfully connecting to the hotline, you will hear a voice message. Please pay attention and follow the instructions.

Step 3: Next, provide your personal information such as name, ID number,… for the hotline staff to verify your identity.

Step 4: After that, the hotline staff will proceed to look up and provide information about your loan.

Looking up through F88’s social media pages

In addition to the website, F88 also has its own social media pages. Therefore, you can look up F88 loan contracts by directly messaging the company through these social media pages. However, with this method, you may have to wait because there is not always staff on duty 24/24 like the hotline system.

Looking up at F88 transaction counters

In addition to the above methods, you can bring personal documents used to apply for a loan to the nearest F88 branch or transaction counter. Staff at the counter will help you check the contract and answer other questions or concerns. This method provides you with the most detailed and accurate information. However, it also has the drawback of taking time and having to come during the working hours of those branches.

To look up the nearest F88 branch, follow these steps:

Step 1: Access the F88 website > Click on Find a store near you.

Step 2: Then enter the address you want to search: Province/City, District, and click Search.

Step 3: The system will automatically search and display the nearest transaction office to you.


Above are quick, simple, and accurate ways to look up F88 loans. Hope they will support you in your loan process.

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