Lalamove hotline number? Steps to contact Lalamove customer service

The Lalamove hotline number is something that many people are interested in when they need to schedule a delivery with this company. In the following article, FPT Shop will reveal to you the Lalamove hotline number as well as provide details on how to contact them for the fastest support.


If you want to use Lalamove’s services or have any trouble related to the company’s transportation services. You want to contact Lalamove’s hotline to request information or resolve issues but don’t know the hotline number. Don’t worry, FPT Shop is here to help you discover soon.

About Lalamove

Lalamove is known as an on-demand delivery service provider for both large businesses and small users nationwide. Lalamove started as a start-up company in Hong Kong in 2012. After more than 10 years of development, Lalamove now expands its operations to over 100 provinces and cities in China and reaches other countries in Southeast Asia.

Lalamove has deployed its smart booking application in many major cities such as Bangkok, Manila, Hong Kong, Jakarta, and has achieved remarkable success in these important markets.

In October 2017, Lalamove officially appeared in Vietnam with its headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City, called Lalamove Vietnam Limited Company. More than 1 year later, the company has also established its presence in Hanoi and gradually asserted its position in the Vietnamese market.

Lalamove’s services include:

  • LalaNOW: Super-fast delivery by motorbike within 60 minutes.
  • Lala2H: Fast delivery by motorbike within a maximum of 2 hours.
  • LalaTRUCK: Delivery by 500kg and 1-ton trucks.

Lalamove Hotline

What is Lalamove hotline number?

Like other businesses and organizations, Lalamove has had customer care services through hotlines since its establishment. Each market, each country will have different hotline phone numbers.

The mission of Lalamove hotline is to provide information about services to customers who do not know or resolve issues for customers using the company’s services. At the same time, the Lalamove hotline will also receive evaluations, feedback from customers to continuously improve the quality of service.

In Vietnam, Lalamove hotline is 028 7304 6680. This hotline operates from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM on all days of the week. On holidays and Tet, it operates from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. You need to note about this time frame to call at the right time, avoid contacting outside working hours will not be supported.

Note, the call charge to the Lalamove hotline is 1000 VND/minute.

How to call Lalamove hotline

To contact the Lalamove hotline, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Access the phone’s dialing application, enter the phone number 028 7304 6686 and press CALL.

Step 2: Choose the language:

  • Press 1: To choose Vietnamese.
  • Press 2: To choose English.

After choosing the appropriate language, you will be directly connected to the Lalamove hotline staff. At this point, please state your issue and the staff will assist you.

Common issues when contacting Lalamove hotline

For individual customers

  • Query information about orders.
  • Information about shipping costs.
  • Information about purchasing and delivery services.
  • Support for canceling orders.

For business customers

  • Provide information for business partner registration.
  • Query information about orders.
  • Provide information for receiving goods.
  • Information about fees and payment methods.

For Lalamove drivers

  • How to register as a Lalamove driver.
  • Information about delivering orders.
  • Delivery time.
  • Information about the salary of each type of delivery vehicle used by drivers.

Other contact channels with Lalamove

In addition to contacting the Lalamove hotline according to the instructions above, you can also choose some other suitable contact channels such as Facebook, website, mobile application. Specifically:

Contacting Lalamove via Facebook

Facebook is considered an effective communication and information channel that many businesses focus on exploiting. Through the Lalamove Fanpage, you can quickly and timely update promotions, offers, and discounted deals at each specific time.

In addition, you can also chat directly with Lalamove staff to get more necessary information. The implementation is very simple, just access to this address and select the Message section. Next, enter your question or request in the chat window, and Lalamove staff will assist you.

Search for questions on the Lalamove website

The Lalamove homepage is one of the most reliable channels for you to find and update information such as: Recruitment, promotions, choosing transportation methods, driver salaries, privacy policies,…

On this homepage, there are some frequently asked questions, and you can proactively search to see if you are experiencing similar issues or not. The way to do it is to access this address and select the appropriate section.

Chat on the Lalamove mobile app

Currently, Lalamove provides users with a mobile application to use services in a simpler and more convenient way. You can also send direct messages on the Lalamove app to get the necessary information.

The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Access CH Play or App Store, then search and download the Lalamove app to your phone.

Next, you register an account using your phone number.

Step 2: Log in and access the application. Choose the 3 horizontal dashes icon on the top left corner of the screen > Choose Support Center.

Step 3: Switch to the new interface, select General support. Here, enter the content you need clarification on and press Send, then the staff will reply to you.

How to register for delivery on Lalamove

To register for delivery on Lalamove, you need to have an account and download the Lalamove app to your phone. After successfully registering your account on this app, please follow the steps below to be able to call the driver to your door and transport your orders:

Step 1: Fill in the order information

Open the Lalamove app and update the necessary information including: Phone number, contact name.

Next, go to the Set pick-up location section and enter the location information, then select Set drop-off point.

Step 2: Create an order

Fill in the collection information for the order and add a note for the driver (if necessary).

Next, select the delivery time and press Place Order.

Note: The collection amount must not exceed 2 million VND.

Step 3: Choose the payment method

Lalamove provides two payment methods for customers to choose from: Cash payment or payment via Lalamove Wallet.

If using Lalamove Wallet, you can top up with a credit card, Momo e-wallet, or transfer money to cover the delivery cost.

Step 4: Wait for the driver

After completing the above 3 steps, the driver will call your phone number to confirm the order. Please provide the driver with complete and accurate information for a smooth and fast delivery process.


Above is all the information about the Lalamove hotline as well as some other contact channels. Hope these sharing will help you in using Lalamove’s services.