Simple guide on merging and splitting tables in the latest 2023 Word version

Merging and splitting tables in Word is an essential part of the document editing process when working in a professional office environment. This article will guide you through the steps to perform these actions effortlessly.


1. What is table splitting in Word?

Before diving into the specific instructions, it is important to understand what “table splitting in Word” refers to. Table splitting in Word refers to the process of separating a data table in a Word document into individual components or sub-tables for easier management, editing, or formatting. This can make working with data in Word more efficient and help you avoid confusion and complexity.

2. Steps to split a table in Word

Step 1: Create a table

Firstly, open the Word document containing the table you want to split. Make sure you have selected the specific table you want to work with.

To create a table in your Word document, follow these steps:

Click on the “Insert” tab and select “Table” to create a new Word table.

Create a table

Then, you can enter the content for the Word table according to your preference.

Step 2: Splitting the table in Word

When you want to split a table into two separate tables, follow these steps:

– Place your cursor at the cell where you want to set as the first row of the second table after splitting. For example, if you want to split the table from the 5th row, click on the cell in the 5th row.

– Select the “Layout” tab in the toolbar, then choose “Split Table” in the lower section to split the table.

Splitting the table in Word

– Follow the instructions to split the table.

The result is that the table will be split into two tables at the selected position, and the formatting of the table will be preserved.

Result displayed on the screen

Step 3: Merge the tables back

To merge the previously split tables back together, follow these steps:

Move your cursor to the second table until you see the 4-way arrow icon.

Click and hold that icon, then drag the second table to the end position of the first table. When you release the mouse, the two tables will be merged back together as before.

Place the cursor in the appropriate position

By following these steps, you can easily manage and edit the table content in your document.

Displayed result

3. Notes when splitting a table in Word:

When splitting a table in Word, there are some important considerations to ensure a smooth process without errors in your document. Here are some important notes:

  • Check the table beforehand:

Prior to splitting the table, thoroughly check the table to be split. Make sure the table is properly arranged and formatted, including checking column width, row height, and overall formatting. If the table is not properly formatted, the splitting process may result in data loss or formatting errors.

  • Backup the original document:

Before making any changes to the document, make a backup of the original document. This will help you restore the document in case any errors occur during the table splitting process.

  • Pay attention to formatting:

When splitting the table, ensure that the sub-tables created have similar formatting to each other and to the original table. If you want to change the formatting of the sub-tables, do so after splitting the table and avoid making direct changes to the original table.

  • Check the content:

After splitting the table, carefully check the content of the sub-tables. Make sure no information is lost or altered. This is especially important if you’re splitting a table in an important document or if you’re using formulas or data links.

  • Splitting the table in Word:

During the table splitting process, redundant data may appear, such as empty rows or unnecessary columns. Delete or hide these rows and columns to make the sub-tables cleaner and more readable.

Keeping in mind these points will help you safely split a table in Word and ensure that your document maintains integrity and professionalism.


These are the detailed instructions on how to split and merge tables in Word with just a few simple and quick steps. Hopefully, this information has helped you utilize useful features in Microsoft Word conveniently and easily!