Try the delicious and flavorful Khoai Khau’s tangy and spicy shrimp sa teu dish now!

Hủ tiếu Khoái Khẩu Sa Tế - Spicy and Sour Shrimp Noodle Soup, is a delicious and convenient dish that is suitable for all ages. Learn more about this product through the following article.


Hủ tiếu is a traditional Vietnamese dish, made from rice flour and a flavorful broth from meat, shrimp,… If you want to enjoy hủ tiếu sate right at home, without having to go to a restaurant, you can try hủ tiếu Khoái Khẩu sa tế tôm chua cay, a convenient and delicious instant food product from the Khoái Khẩu brand.

1About the Khoái Khẩu brand

About the Khoái Khẩu brand

Khoái Khẩu is a brand under Thiên Hương Food Joint Stock Company, a company specialized in producing , , … with various diverse and rich flavors.

Khoái Khẩu always puts product quality first, using fresh, safe ingredients, and modern production technology, ensuring to bring customers delicious, nutritious meals, and time-saving.

Khoái Khẩu also constantly researches and develops new products, suitable for trends and preferences of consumers. One of the new and prominent products of Khoái Khẩu is hủ tiếu sa tế tôm chua cay, a unique and attractive instant food.

2What is special about Khoái Khẩu sa tế tôm chua cay hủ tiếu?

Khoái Khẩu sa tế tôm chua cay hủ tiếu is a convenient instant hủ tiếu product

Khoái Khẩu sa tế tôm chua cay hủ tiếu is a convenient instant hủ tiếu product, which helps you have an extremely quick and delicious meal. Hủ tiếu with a rich sate flavor, mildly tangy and spicy broth, evenly seeps into every delicious-havings of the chewy hủ tiếu brings irresistible appealing aroma.

Khoái Khẩu sa tế tôm chua cay hủ tiếu not only comes with sate, but also comes with a package of spices including dried shrimp, fried shallots, cilantro,… creating a perfect combination between ingredients and spices.

Khoái Khẩu sa tế tôm chua cay hủ tiếu is not only an instant food, but also a nutritious, nutrient-rich food, suitable for all ages. The product is an excellent choice for busy days, hungry stomachs, or when you want to change your taste.

3Instructions for use

You only need to put the hủ tiếu in a bowl, pour in boiling water, and wait for 3 minutes to enjoy a hot and delicious meal right away. Toppings can be added as desired.

Above is the information about the light Khoái Khẩu sa tế tôm chua cay hủ tiếu that we introduce to you. Hopefully it has helped you have more suitable choices for your family’s meals.