What is 0794 Network? Is it a beautiful phone number? The Feng Shui meaning behind the 0794 prefix

What is 0794 network? Is the 0794 number a beautiful number? What is the feng shui significance hidden behind the 0794 number? Should you buy it or not? Read the article shared below by FPT Shop, and you will immediately resolve any concerns about this 0794 number!


You are planning to switch to using the 0794 prefix but you are not sure what network 0794 belongs to, what it means, and if it is a beautiful number. Don’t worry, the following article will help you understand more about that prefix.

What network is 0794?

The 0794 prefix belongs to MobiFone, one of the leading telecommunication networks in Vietnam. MobiFone has a diverse technological ecosystem with modern infrastructure. The 0794 prefix was introduced on September 15, 2018, following the conversion program from 11-digit to 10-digit phone numbers according to the decision of the Ministry of Information & Communications.

What was the previous prefix for 0794?

The conversion program of 11-digit to 10-digit phone numbers applies to all network providers, including MobiFone. Therefore, the familiar Mobi prefixes such as 0120, 0121, 0122, 0126, 0128 were changed to 070, 079, 077, 076, 078. The original prefix of 0794 was 01214.

Is 0794 a beautiful number? Hidden meanings behind

In addition to the question of what network 0794 belongs to, many people also wonder about the meaning of this prefix and whether it is a beautiful number. To answer that question, let’s explore the feng shui meaning of each digit that makes up this prefix.

  • Digit 0: The starting digit for all phone number series of network providers in Vietnam. As the initial digit for natural series, the number 0 is considered as a symbol of new beginnings. Moreover, the number 0 is written with solid and closed strokes, representing completeness and fulfillment.
  • Digit 7: In Buddhism, Buddha emerged from 7 noble lotus flowers, so this is not an unlucky number as many people think. Instead, it is a number symbolizing continuous and fortunate development, tranquility.
  • Digit 9: Being the largest single digit number, 9 is believed to be the most powerful number. Furthermore, in Chinese pronunciation, the number 9 sounds like “jiu” which means eternity, permanence.
  • Digit 4: Like other digits, number 4 is also a beautiful number because it signifies development, potentiality. Having digit 4 in your phone number brings many good things, peace, and convenience in work and life.

As can be seen, according to feng shui, all four digits 0, 7, 9, 4 have good and beautiful meanings, so 0794 is a beautiful prefix, bringing blessings to the owner. Because of its meaning, many people like and choose to buy this prefix.

Should you buy and use a 0794 prefix sim?

What network is 0794? It is one of the prefixes owned by MobiFone, a reputable network provider with a large presence in Vietnam. Using a sim card with this prefix will bring stability to your communication thanks to the good quality of service and wide coverage provided by MobiFone.

Furthermore, when using a MobiFone sim card, you will also enjoy many promotions and attractive offers. Therefore, the sim card with this prefix can meet your calling, texting, and data usage needs effectively.

In terms of feng shui, although 0794 brings good luck to the owner, it is only auspicious when it matches the owner’s zodiac sign. Therefore, when choosing and using a sim card, you should not only focus on the beautiful prefix but also carefully consider the compatibility of the numbers in the sim card with your zodiac sign, the harmony between odd and even numbers, etc.

Where should you buy a sim card with the 0794 prefix?

Purchase on the MobiFone website

Step 1: Access the MobiFone website > Choose Mobile services > Click on Select number.

Step 2: Enter the prefix 0794* in the Search number field > Click the Search button.

Step 3: In the list of numbers that appear, click the Select number button for the desired number.

Step 4: Now, the detailed information about that subscription will be displayed on the screen. Read it carefully and then click Next to continue to make the purchase.

Step 5: Next, enter your personal information in the registration section (full name, phone number, ID number, email, etc.) > Check the box I agree… > Click Continue.

Step 6: Then, choose the nearest MobiFone transaction point for convenient sim card pickup. By default, the system will use the address in the registration information. If you want to change it, uncheck the box Use subscriber registration information and enter the new address.

Buy directly at FPT Shop stores

FPT Shop is known as a reputable address for buying beautiful and well-priced sim cards on the market today. When you want to buy a MobiFone sim card with the 0794 prefix, simply bring your ID card to the nearest FPT Shop branch, and our staff will assist you.

Some related questions about the 0794 prefix

Why should you own a sim card with the 0794 prefix?

Because it is a beautiful prefix that brings good luck to the owner. Moreover, 0794 belongs to Mobi network, a network with stability and nationwide coverage.

Why do many people use sim cards with the 0794 prefix?

MobiFone is offering many attractive promotions. As a Mobi prefix, anyone using the 0794 sim card will also enjoy these promotions. Furthermore, the 0794 prefix carries auspicious and fortunate meanings for the owner.

Is 0794 a 10-digit number for MobiFone?

The 0794 prefix is a 10-digit number for MobiFone, converted from the 01214 prefix according to the government’s decision.


FPT Shop has answered readers’ questions about what network 0794 belongs to. It is hoped that through this information, you will have a better understanding of this prefix, thereby making a suitable choice for your phone number.

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