What You Need to Know About Online ATMs: A Comprehensive Guide

ATM Online is a reliable company with low interest rates, making it a great solution for quick loans. Let's dive into what exactly ATM Online is, the key information you need to know about it, and how to apply for a fast loan with ATM Online.


What is ATM Online?

ATM Online is a platform for fast loans in Vietnam, launched in 2015 under the name TM Online Singapore. This website does not directly provide loans but acts as a financial advisor, connecting borrowers with reputable, suitable, and reliable lenders. The company does not disclose its current payment partners.

ATM Online has gained significant attention on the market thanks to its professional operations, comprehensive calculation and statistical analysis systems, as well as its automated and standardized evaluation process. The lowest interest rate on the market today is 12% per year, making it a financial solution worth trying.

Pros and Cons of Borrowing Money through ATM Online

Pros of Borrowing Money through ATM Online

Here are the main advantages and benefits you will receive when applying for a loan on the ATM Online website:

  • Easy operation: Simply enter detailed information, including a scanned ID card or citizen identification card.
  • Transparent information: All information is clearly disclosed when registering for a loan.
  • Flexible payment: Payment at thousands of transaction points from ATM Online’s partners.
  • Quick payment: The loan amount will be credited to your bank account approximately 5 minutes after the request is confirmed.
  • Dedicated support: ATM Online finds the most suitable financial solution for you.

Cons of Borrowing Money through ATM Online

  • Small borrowing limit, with a maximum loan amount of 10 million VND and an initial loan amount of only 3 to 6 million VND.
  • Higher interest rates compared to other loan forms.
  • Repayment in multiple installments before and within the loan period.
  • Late payment interest for pre-mature repayments.

Requirements and Procedures for Borrowing Money through ATM Online

Requirements for Borrowing Money through ATM Online

The most important requirement is that you must be a Vietnamese citizen currently residing and working in Vietnam. The absolute requirement is that you must be aged between 23 and 54. Additionally, you need to have a fixed monthly income of over 2 million VND.

The most crucial aspect is that you have no history of bankruptcy, as ATM Online rarely approves such cases. You must have a valid ID card or citizen identification card. In addition, you need to provide your personal phone number and the owner’s bank account to receive money.

Loan Application Procedures for Borrowing Money through ATM Online

The minimal and basic requirement is to provide information and a scanned ID card or citizen identification card. Additionally, once the loan is approved, you will be asked to provide an active bank account for payment. Additional documents may be required by ATM Online if necessary.

Loan Term, Loan Limit, and Interest Rate for Borrowing Money through ATM Online

On ATM online, you can borrow a minimum of 3 million and a maximum of 12 million VND with a flexible loan term of at least 92 days (equivalent to 3 months) and a maximum of 183 days (equivalent to 6 months). However, to borrow 6 million or more, you will have to reapply after completing the initial loan on time.

ATM online currently offers unsecured personal loan services with the highest interest rate on the market, specifically 12% per year. In addition to interest rates, other fees are also applicable, including service fees, advisory fees, late payment fees, and processing fees (free of charge for the first 14 days). Although the interest rate is low, service and advisory fees are quite high. The loan calculation formula is as follows:

Total repayment amount = Principal + Interest + Advisory fee + Service fee


  • Loan amount: 3,000,000 VND
  • Loan term: 92 days
  • Advisory fee: 585,000 VND
  • Service fee: 819,000 VND
  • Interest (12% per year): 60,199 VND

Applying the formula, we have:

Total repayment amount = 3,000,000 + 585,000 + 819,000 + 60,199 = 4,464,199 VND

This amount allows you to repay monthly based on reducing balance.

Guide to Quickly and Easily Apply for a Loan through ATM Online

  • Step 1: Choose the loan amount you want and carefully check the payment term and monthly fee. Then enter your phone number and click on “REGISTER FOR A LOAN” to create a loan account.
  • Step 2: A verification code (OTP) will be sent to your phone as a message. This code is used to verify the phone number and allows you to enter personal information, address, job information, scanned ID card/citizen identification card, and family information for performing procedures and other services.
  • Step 3: Enter your information such as full name, residence, hometown, ID card or citizen identification card,…
  • Step 4: Wait for a representative to contact you to confirm the terms in the contract.
  • Step 5: Log in to your account on the website atmonline.vn using the registered phone number to confirm the contract signing, or contact the customer care department and the ATM service center for assistance. After signing the contract, the loan amount will be quickly transferred to your bank account.


So, the article has reached its conclusion. I hope the above information about the ATM Online loan service will help you quickly have money to solve the current financial difficulties. Isn’t the ATM Online loan service really useful? Good luck with your successful registration!