15 Ways to Make Life Easier Today

Tired of spending too much time on mundane tasks? Check out these 15 amazing life hacks that can simplify your life and make it easier! Save time, energy, and effort by discovering simple solutions to everyday problems.


In life, sometimes we encounter challenges in performing daily tasks efficiently. Here are 15 useful tips to help you overcome common difficulties and make your life easier:

1Easier way to peel eggs

When boiling eggs, add them to boiling water instead of starting with cold water. After cooking, place the eggs in ice water for easy peeling.

Easier way to peel eggs

2Cutting onions without crying

Refrigerate onions for 30 minutes before cutting them to minimize tear-inducing effects.

Cutting onions without crying

3Using a paper clip as a phone stand

Create a phone stand using paper clips and a business card or piece of paper for easy viewing.

You can transform other items into useful household tools as well.

Using a paper clip as a phone stand

4Making shoes waterproof with beeswax

To protect your shoes from rain, apply beeswax and use a hairdryer to evenly distribute the wax.

Making shoes waterproof with beeswax

5How to keep cut avocados fresh for longer

Prevent cut avocados from browning by placing them in the same container as a piece of cut onion.

How to keep cut avocados fresh for longer

6Propagating roses with a potato

Extend the lifespan of your bouquet by inserting the stem into a potato to promote root development.

Propagating roses with a potato

7Stretching tight shoes

To expand tight shoes, stuff them with damp newspaper and let them dry. The shoes will become wider.

Stretching tight shoes

8Organizing your cables with toilet paper rolls

Keep cables organized by placing them inside stacked toilet paper rolls. This makes it easy to find and grab the desired cable.

Organizing your cables with toilet paper rolls

9Helping clothes dry faster without a dryer

To speed up the drying process, place wet clothes on a dry towel, tightly roll the towel, and wring it. The towel will absorb moisture, allowing the clothes to dry faster.

Helping clothes dry faster without a dryer

10Quickly eliminating shoe odor

To remove shoe odor, place a bag of dry tea inside each shoe. If the shoes are damp and smelly, add some baking soda and leave it for a few days.

Quickly eliminating shoe odor

11Easily finding a lost small object

If you lose a small object on the floor, use a vacuum cleaner with a sock wrapped around the end of the hose for easy retrieval.

Easily finding a lost small object

12Quickly cleaning the toilet

To efficiently clean the toilet, pour a can of into the bowl and let it sit overnight. Clean the toilet with soap and water the next day to remove stains and bacteria.

Quickly cleaning the toilet

13Easy drain unclogging

To unclog the drain, pour boiling water down it for a minute, then sprinkle baking soda. Finally, pour down the drain and follow with hot water.

Easy drain unclogging

14Opening stuck bottle caps

Make it easier to open stuck bottle caps by heating them for 1-2 minutes or soaking them in hot water.

Opening stuck bottle caps

15Easily differentiate keys

To distinguish between keys, use different colored nail polishes to mark each one.

Easily differentiate keys

These tips are designed to help you simplify your everyday life. We hope they will enable you to overcome various challenges more efficiently and effectively.

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