5 Homemade Hangover Remedies You Can Make With Natural Ingredients

As the Tet celebrations draw near, it's important to keep an eye on how much alcohol you're consuming - and have an idea of how to best detox after! Properly planning ahead can help you enjoy the festivities with your family and friends while avoiding nasty hangovers.


1. Lemon – lemongrass – ginger alcohol relief water

The combination of lemon water, lemongrass, and ginger provides a soothing effect on the body after consuming alcohol. It helps with detoxification, warmth, cooling, and alleviating the effects of alcohol.

To prepare this drink, simply slice some lemongrass and lemon and boil them along with crushed ginger. After the lemongrass and ginger water cools down, you can add a bit of lemon extract. This mixture can be prepared in advance and stored in the refrigerator for gradual use.

6 ways to make natural and safe alcohol relief water on Tet holiday

2. Grapefruit juice alcohol relief water

Grapefruit juice, with its slight sourness, aids in detoxification and cooling down the body after consuming alcohol. It also helps to alleviate the effects of alcohol.

To make this drink, extract the juice from grapefruit and add a bit of sugar to enhance the flavor. It is recommended to prepare a larger quantity and store it in the refrigerator for immediate use. The grapefruit juice tastes better when served cold.

6 ways to make natural and safe alcohol relief water on Tet holiday

3. Orange – lemon – ginger juice alcohol relief water

Combining orange, lemon, and ginger creates a juice that warms the body, boosts the immune system, and aids in the metabolism process. It helps in efficiently eliminating toxins from alcohol.

To prepare this drink, use a juicer to extract the juice from orange, lemon, and ginger, and remove the pulp. Add a bit of sugar to enhance the flavor. It is best to consume this juice immediately after juicing to avoid bitterness.

6 ways to make natural and safe alcohol relief water on Tet holiday

4. Green tea and ginger alcohol relief water

Ginger tea, made with green tea and ginger, detoxifies the body, keeps it warm, and alleviates the effects of alcohol. It promotes overall well-being after drinking.

To make this tea, slice the ginger and let it soak in warm water for 5-10 minutes. Then, extract the water, discard the ginger pieces, and use the ginger water to brew tea as usual. Adding a bit of lemon can enhance the flavor and provide a refreshing effect. It is recommended to consume the ginger tea while it is still hot for maximum benefits.

6 ways to make natural and safe alcohol relief water on Tet holiday

5. Quick alcohol relief water with sugarcane and lotus seed

Sugarcane cooked with lotus seed is a refreshing drink that cools down the body and promotes relaxation. The sweet taste of sugarcane helps counteract the bitterness of alcohol and prevents a sore throat caused by excessive alcohol consumption.

To prepare this drink, cut the lotus seed, pandan leaves, spatholobus, and sugarcane into pieces. Boil them together in a pot. Separately, remove the head and seed of the lotus and cook the lotus seed in a separate pot until soft. Strain the sugarcane water, add a bit of sugar, and include the lotus seed for consumption. This drink can be served hot or cold and can also be enjoyed as a dessert after a meal.

6 ways to make natural and safe alcohol relief water on Tet holiday

6. Black bean alcohol relief water

Black beans are rich in vitamins and minerals, making them beneficial for health and effective in relieving alcohol ingestion. A glass of black bean water after drinking alcohol not only aids in alcohol relief but also detoxifies the body.

To make this drink, boil water and add roasted black beans. Continue boiling for about 10 minutes. The black bean water can be stored in the refrigerator for a long period.

6 ways to make natural and safe alcohol relief water on Tet holiday

Alcohol adds joy to festivities, but moderate consumption is advised to prioritize health.

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