7 Delicious Vegetarian Rice Dishes to Celebrate July’s Full Moon Easy to Make at Home

Celebrate the full moon in July with these delicious 7 trays of vegetarian rice offering! With simple and easy to make recipes, you can create the perfect rice tray at home.


Every year, on the full moon day of July, Vietnamese families prepare a tray of rice to worship Buddha and ancestors as a gesture of gratitude and respect. It also serves as an offering to spirits and souls in need. Here are 7 simple vegetarian rice trays that you can easily make at home.

1 Vegetarian rice tray for the full moon of July – Tray number 1

Rice tray number 1 includes the following dishes:

  • Vegetarian mixed vermicelli
  • Non-vegetarian
  • Eggplant with onion oil sauce
  • Salted melon
  • Moon cake with green bean jelly

Vegetarian offering tray number 1Vegetarian offering tray number 1

Mixed vermicelli is a popular dish in Vietnam and is often served during holidays. Stir-fried morning glory with garlic is a simple and traditional Vietnamese dish that complements the meal. Vegetable dishes like eggplant with onion oil sauce or pickled melon add balance to the flavor. The dessert, moon cake with green bean jelly, is refreshing and appealing.

2 Vegetarian rice tray for the full moon of July – Tray number 2

Vegetarian rice tray number 2 includes:

  • Sour soup with mushrooms
  • Stir-fried vegetarian beef with lemongrass and chili
  • Vegetarian seafood spring rolls
  • Green bean shrimp
  • Mushroom cabbage
  • Mushroom teriyaki sauce
  • Sticky rice with coconut milk and white rice

The number 2 offering tray is eye-catching and attractiveThe number 2 offering tray is eye-catching and attractive

The second vegetarian rice tray features delicious mushroom dishes. Mushrooms are a nutritious and versatile ingredient in vegetarian cuisine. Sweet dishes like coconut corn sticky rice and pomelo tea add fragrance and richness to the meal.

3 Vegetarian rice tray for the full moon of July – Tray number 3

This full-moon vegetarian rice tray includes:

  • Vegetarian spring rolls
  • Vegetarian green bean paste
  • Tofu covered with vegetarian sauce
  • Mushroom soup with lotus seeds
  • Pumpkin cake with green bean paste with coconut milk
  • Black sesame sweet potato cake

Full moon tray number 3Full moon tray number 3

This vegetarian rice tray offers a harmonious blend of colors and nutritious dishes. The tofu dish covered with vegetarian sauce stands out with its crispy exterior and delicious interior. The lotus seed mushroom soup provides a refreshing taste for the summer. The dessert consists of sweet potato cake and pumpkin pie.

4 Vegetarian rice tray for the full moon of July – Tray number 4

Vegetarian offering tray number 4 includes the following dishes:

  • Tofu with sacks
  • Tofu stuffed with lotus seeds
  • Baro soup cooked with young tofu

Attractive vegetarian offering tray number 4Attractive vegetarian offering tray number 4

This 4th vegetarian offering tray is special with its main ingredient, tofu. It is a frugal and health-beneficial choice. Although the menu has fewer dishes, it is still beautiful, delicious, and nutritious for the whole family. The vegetable salad helps balance the flavors.

5 Vegetarian rice tray for the full moon of July – Tray number 5

Vegetarian rice tray for the full moon of July, number 5 has the following dishes:

  • Braised chicken thighs with soy sauce
  • Stir-fried sweet corn with oyster sauce
  • Stir-fried vermicelli with vegetables

Food with attractive colors, deliciousFood with attractive colors, delicious

Tray number 5 offers simpler yet flavorful dishes, soups, and desserts. The main focus is on vegetables for a lighter meal. The five-color sticky rice, made from different ingredients such as gac, sticky rice, and pandan leaves, adds an interesting touch to the meal.

6 Vegetarian rice tray for the full moon of July – Tray number 6

The offering rice tray includes dishes such as:

  • No fried lemongrass
  • Vegetarian spring rolls
  • Fried vegetarian spring rolls
  • Vegetarian fried angelica cotton
  • Vegetarian dumplings with steamed nuggets
  • Cauliflower and carrot soup

Vegetarian offering tray number 6Vegetarian offering tray number 6

Vegetarian offering tray number 6 introduces a new vegetable called Thien Ly cotton. It has cooling and health benefits. The steamed vegetarian dumplings with nuggets offer a unique and delicious taste. Peanut sticky rice is a must-try, with its irresistible flavor and texture.

7 Vegetarian rice tray for the full moon of July – Tray number 7

You can prepare the menu for this vegetarian rice tray as follows:

  • Vegetarian pomelo salad
  • Vegetarian brown rice mixed rice
  • Boiled bean sprouts
  • Bitter gourd soup stuffed with vegetarian tofu

Attractive offering tray number 7 with sticky rice and white bean teaAttractive offering tray number 7 with sticky rice and white bean tea

The combination of sticky rice and white bean tea is truly unbeatable. The sweet, supple, and fragrant taste will captivate you. The vegetarian pomelo salad offers a delicious sweet and sour flavor. Brown rice and vegetarian fried noodles, mixed with fresh vegetables, provide a soft and fragrant experience. Bitter gourd soup helps purify the body and promote health.

Above are suggestions for 7 simple vegetarian rice trays for the full moon in July that are easy to make at home. We hope this article has provided you with interesting ideas for preparing a complete and delicious offering tray.

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