8 Bad Parenting Habits That Negatively Impact Children

To instill good habits in children from an early age, parents need to lead by example. However, as parents, have you ever unknowingly taught your children the wrong things?


1. Parents argue in front of the child

After being married for many years, you and your spouse often argue over trivial matters in front of your child.

Reminder: When parents confront and argue with each other, it sets a bad example for the child in terms of attacking and fighting with others.

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2. Parents lack patience

Feeling the pressure from work, when you come home and see your child playing and making noise, you can’t help but yell at them: “Why are you being so loud! What are you crying for! Stop crying, I’m exhausted!”

Reminder: A child knowing self-respect and respecting others first needs to be respected by their parents.

3. Parents don’t show enough concern for their child

Every day when you come home from work, you always ask your child, “How was school today?” While asking, you are busy with other work and not focused on your child.

Reminder: This action may be conveying to the child, “Mom doesn’t care about your answer.” Therefore, children feel disrespected and also learn to ignore others.

4. Overindulgence with the child

Frugal parents often don’t dare to buy a new piece of clothing for themselves, but they are very generous with their children’s demands without teaching them how to save.

Reminder: This type of “love” will make children only know how to acquire things without learning how to give and appreciate what they already have.

5. Not admitting mistakes

You make mistakes with your child, such as mistakenly scolding them, punishing them too harshly, or accidentally breaking their toy… but you never apologize to your child.

Reminder: Parents making mistakes but not admitting them will also cause children to follow suit and not know how to admit their own mistakes.

6. Inconsistent words and actions

You teach your child to be humble and respect others, but you take the seats of elderly and young children on the bus or climb to places with “prohibited” signs to take pictures.

Reminder: Parents saying one thing and doing another will make it difficult for children to uphold standards in their words and actions as they grow up.

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7. Tendency to compare

You always say to your child, “Look at how so-and-so is, they’re better than you!” or “Someone’s husband/wife is like this and that, much better than your father/mother”…

Reminder: Parents constantly measuring their child against others’ standards will make the child focus on comparing and competing with others. When they grow up, they will be easily influenced by others.

8. Overprotecting the child

You are busy in the kitchen and your son wants to help, but you shoo him out: “Go outside, don’t stay here and get in the way, go play over there.”

Reminder: The “overprotection” you give your child makes them think that everything is the responsibility of their parents and they don’t learn basic life skills. In the future, when they grow up, they may not be able to take care of themselves when they go out into the world without their parents by their side.