Cutting these fruits into small pieces and then adding them to the boiling duck pot: No more foul smell, just tender and flavorful meat

This fruit is very familiar to everyone, but no one would think that it can be boiled to be delicious, tender, and sweet.


To boil duck deliciously, you need a secret because it’s not just as simple as putting the duck into boiling water and boiling it until it’s cooked, but you must prepare carefully from the ingredients, to the processing before starting to boil the duck.

Bitter melon is a familiar fruit to everyone. But this type of fruit is often boiled, stir-fried with chicken liver, cooked with crab soup, stir-fried with eggs, few people know that it is very suitable for boiling duck.

Boiling duck with this type of fruit will make the duck meat fragrant and not tough. Besides this type of fruit, you can also add coconut water to boil the duck. introduces you to a special way of boiling duck with coconut water and bitter melon. The boiled water can be used to make delicious and nutritious soup.


– Duck: 1

– Coconut water: use young coconut

– Bitter melon

– Ginger, salted lemon

– Lotus root, water spinach, fresh coriander

– Seasonings

Eliminate the duck’s odor

This is an important step, although the feathers have been cleaned, the duck meat will still have a distinct odor, if not handled properly, it will have a slightly unpleasant smell when eaten.

You can use coarse salt (you should always have a bag of coarse salt) to rub both inside and outside of the duck, then rinse it thoroughly, then cut a few slices of ginger and rub them on the duck and rinse again, ginger has the effect of effectively eliminating the duck’s odor and making the duck more fragrant when boiled.

If you are more careful, you can use white wine or ginger wine, rice vinegar to wash the duck and rinse with water again, the duck will certainly no longer have the odor.

How to boil delicious duck

– Clean the duck, rub it with lime, salt, ginger or vinegar, wine as you like to eliminate the odor, then rinse it and let it dry. Boil 1 or 2 fresh young coconuts (do not use old coconuts), you can add more water to cover the duck (do not add too much coconut water).

– Put the duck into boiling water (boiled chicken is cold but boiled duck is delicious when the water is boiling) Reduce the heat and skim off any foam if present. Grill the ginger and crush it, then add a little seasoning (or lemongrass stalk is also ok), scoop out the coconut flesh and add it to the duck.

– Cover and simmer for about 5-10 minutes depending on the size of the duck. Then cut the bitter melon in half and add it (1 or 2 depending on the amount of duck) and simmer for another 5 minutes, then turn off the heat. Soak the duck in the pot for about 15-20 minutes before fishing it out.

– The boiled water can be skimmed off for less fatty residue (if you don’t like fatty water) and add some lotus root to cook until soft, then remove the bitter melon and add a bunch of water spinach + coriander when serving hot (water spinach absorbs some duck fat, so if you don’t remove the fat, it won’t be too greasy).

Boiling the duck with these two fruits ensures that the meat is fragrant, tender, and sweet.

– Finished product: the duck meat is fragrant, tender, and rich in flavor, and the vegetable soup is sweet, refreshing, and very aromatic.

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