Eliminate Fishy Smells and Enhance the Flavor with this Water Addition

With the following secret recipe, you will have a delicious and succulent fish dish that will leave everyone nodding their heads in approval.


One of the ways to have delicious braised fish is to prepare the fish

According to experienced cooks, the preparation of the fish greatly affects the taste of the dish. If done well, your fish dish will reduce the strong fishy smell. Here are some tips to make the braised fish not fishy and more appealing that you can apply when preparing the fish:

You need to use rice water to wash the fish. Then, you need to use ginger wine or rice vinegar to rub on the surface of the fish. The fragrant smell of ginger and vinegar can help eliminate the smell of the fish and make the dish more aromatic.

Next, you should use salt and fresh lime to rub both the inside and outside of the fish to remove the sliminess and clean the fishy smell. In addition, you can use lemon juice as a natural cleanser, which will remove the fishy smell.


Note that you need to thoroughly clean the fish gills to remove mud, dirt. The fish belly often has a black membrane. This is also one of the reasons why the fish has a strong fishy smell. Therefore, to make the braised fish not fishy and more delicious, you should remove this black membrane, then your fish dish will be much more appealing.

Marinate the fish before braising

Marinating the fish makes the dish more flavorful. In addition, when marinating the fish, you can use various seasoning ingredients as a way to make the braised fish not fishy and more delicious. The marinating method is very diverse, depending on the taste of the family and the region. Different braising methods will add special ingredients. The most standardized recipe for marinating the fish includes ingredients such as galangal, turmeric, garlic, fish sauce, and chili. In addition, you need to add sugar, MSG, salt, and pepper according to your family’s taste.

To achieve the most effective reduction of fishy smell for the braised fish, you should marinate it for at least 2 hours before cooking. The dish will be much more flavorful. One small note is not to add cooking oil to marinate the fish. Cooking oil will make your fish dish greasy, soft instead of having firm flesh.


How to braise fish to make it delicious and less fishy

One of the secrets to braising fish is to use hot water and never use cold water to braise the fish, then the fish dish will be less fishy. In addition, during the braising process, do not flip the fish too much as it may break when taking it out to the dish. During the braising process, it is best to cover the lid, simmer over low heat so that the fish is cooked and absorbs the seasoning evenly, making the dish more flavorful.

In addition, if you want the fish to be more flavorful, you can add a bit of pork fat or coconut water when braising. The fishy smell will be reduced while the dish becomes extremely rich, aromatic, and delicious. Furthermore, after the fish is cooked, you can add scallions, pepper, or chili to create a fragrant smell and cover up the fishy smell. This method also helps the dish have a beautiful and appetizing color.

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