How to Choose Delicious, Juicy Lobsters

Do you want to ensure you pick out the most succulent lobster for your next meal? Here are some useful tips to help you find a restaurant-quality crustacean!


The Art of Choosing Fresh and High-Quality Lobsters

Lobster is a highly favored seafood delicacy known for its exquisite flavor, abundant nutritional value, and versatility in culinary preparations. When selecting a superior quality lobster befitting of your investment, a thorough understanding of the following guidelines is essential.

Going for Live Lobsters for Your Meal

When choosing a fresh and delicious lobster, it is important to ensure that it is still alive and actively swimming underwater. A good indication of freshness is when the lobster’s body curls up and its legs flap strongly when you hold it.

To ensure the best taste and quality, it is recommended to select lobsters that weigh between 1.3 and 1.5kg. This weight range allows for a quick and efficient processing time without compromising the overall quality of the lobster.

Choose live lobsters

Observe the Spectacular Color and Lobster Claws in Maine

Fresh lobsters are characterized by their shiny, glossy shells and beautiful bright colors. An indication of their freshness is the firmness of their green claws, which suggests that the lobster is still active. Additionally, a vibrant green color inside the lobster is another sign of its freshness.

Observe the color and lobster claws

Make Sure Your Claws Can Grip Things Securely

When selecting lobsters, it is important to avoid those with weak claws and thin legs that are prone to breakage. These lobsters are no longer considered to be of high quality.

Claws should not be loose

Fresh Lobsters Should Not Be Slimy

If you come across lobsters that are oozing slime or emitting a strong odor, it is recommended not to select them. These lobsters are likely to have been dead for a considerable period of time and should not be purchased.

Lobsters should not be slimy

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