How to Recreate Restaurant-Quality Grilled Pig Udder at Home

Do you want to make the perfect crispy and juicy grilled pork udders, just like in the restaurants? Find out the tips and tricks on how to create your own delicious and delectable combination of grilled pork udders, dipped in fermented tofu or green chili salt!


1How to Choose Pig’s Teat to Buy

Pig’s teat, also known as pig’s nipple, can be easily found for purchase at markets or meat-selling locations in the morning. This meat is often scarce and is usually prepared by restaurants before selling it to consumers.

When choosing pig’s teat, it is important to select teats with a pale pink color, soft meat with high elasticity, no odor or strange bruising, as well as not slimy.

If possible, choose pig’s teat with milk for the best taste.

Pig's teat is fresh and delicious with a pale pink color, soft meat, and high elasticity

2How to Remove the Odor of Pig’s Teat

Like pig’s innards, pig’s teat also needs to be thoroughly deodorized before cooking. It is best to use salt to rub on the surface of the meat when you bring it home, then rinse it with clean water.

You can also use diluted lime juice to clean this meat.

Use lemongrass when marinating to remove the odor from the meat. This will make the pork tastier when grilled.

Rub salt on the surface of the meat, then rinse it with clean water.

3How to Marinate and Grill Delicious Pig’s Teat

Pig’s teat is a fast-cooking meat, so it is important to prevent it from becoming dry, tasteless, and losing its flavor.

– Marinating spices: There are various ways to grill pig’s teat, such as grilling with satay, grilling with lemongrass, grilling with milk… However, they all have one thing in common, which is to use fatty spices to maintain the moisture of the meat. You can choose lemongrass, papaya, or yogurt for marinating.

– Grilling pig’s teat: When grilling, it is important to use a brush to spread oil or marinade on the surface of the pig’s teat meat. This will help the meat absorb the liquid, resulting in a golden brown color, delicious smell, and prevent it from becoming tough and dry.

Use fatty spices to maintain the moisture of the meat

Grilled pig’s teat has a simple recipe, but to achieve the deliciousness of a restaurant, you should choose fresh and delicious pig’s teat and always spread oil or marinade on the pig’s teat when grilling.

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