How to Select and Purchase Tasty and Fresh Shrimp

Are you looking for the best way to buy and select fresh seafood like shrimp and squid? We have some helpful tips to guide you in this process so that you can get the best quality and taste out of your purchase while also taking advantage of its health benefits. Read on to find out more!


How to Choose Fresh Shrimp

How to choose fresh shrimp
How to choose fresh shrimp

Shrimp is a type of shrimp raised in ponds so it is quite firm and relatively large in size.

You should choose to buy live shrimp with shrimp legs still attached to the body. Shrimp with shiny, smooth shells, fresh and colorful meat in the middle are delicious, firm shrimp.

How to Choose Fresh Iron Shrimp

Tips for choosing fresh iron shrimp

Iron shrimp are smaller in size than other types of shrimp but have a fragrant and rich taste when cooked.

When choosing fresh iron shrimp, you should also choose to buy live, fresh shrimp with a pink and white body and shrimp legs tightly attached to the body.

If you see iron shrimp with a deep pink color, this shrimp has been preserved for a long time, it is rotten and the quality has been greatly reduced.

Tips for Choosing Fresh Lobster Shrimp

Tips for choosing fresh lobster shrimp

Lobster shrimp has a thin shell, soft and smaller head than shrimp but is rich in nutrients and has a natural sweet taste.

When buying lobster shrimp, you should buy live, jumping, white-pink body shrimp with green eyes.

Do not choose to buy dead lobster shrimp with dark pink shells.

How to Choose Fresh Lobster

How to choose fresh lobster

Lobster is large in size and quite expensive so it is less commonly used. Most women usually cook lobster by steaming or grilling.

To buy fresh and delicious lobster, you should choose live, healthy lobster with green claws and a shiny outer shell.

Notes when Buying Fresh Shrimp

Notes when buying shrimp

To be able to buy fresh, live, and delicious shrimp, you can buy directly from places where shrimp are raised or caught in coastal areas, buy from fishermen or shrimp sellers.

You can also choose to buy fresh shrimp at seafood stores, large and reputable supermarkets to ensure the quantity of shrimp you buy.

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