How to Select the Optimal Soy Milk Maker

Are you considering buying a milk maker but unsure of what to look for in the perfect machine? Read on to discover if milk makers can meet your needs and the key characteristics to consider when choosing one.


Increasing demand for milk made from beans and nuts has led to a surge in popularity for bean milk makers. In this article, we provide valuable tips for selecting the highest quality bean milk maker for your needs.

Should I Invest in a Bean Milk Maker?

When deciding whether to purchase a bean milk maker, it is important to consider the specific usage requirements of your family. If your household frequently prepares dishes made from beans and nuts or cooks porridge for a baby, it would be prudent to evaluate the option of purchasing a bean milk maker. This appliance can effectively streamline the process, saving valuable time and effort.

For households that already possess a blender or a slow juicer, they also have the option to utilize these appliances for processing and grinding bean milk instead of incurring additional expenses to purchase a dedicated bean milk maker.

Bean milk maker
Depending on the usage needs of each family, the decision to buy a bean milk maker should be considered

In today’s day and age, owning a bean milk maker can be seen as a valuable addition to any kitchen. While some might equate it to a mere blender, bean milk makers excel in functionality, boasting a range of superior features.

  • Health Safety: Prioritize the well-being of your family by incorporating homemade bean milk into your routine. This nourishing beverage offers an abundance of natural nutrients derived from a variety of nuts, free from any artificial additives or chemicals.

  • Many superior features: The machine offers a range of advanced functions, including the ability to cook porridge while grinding, make various types of soups, and grind nuts and beans into various pastes. Additionally, the machine is equipped with a timer and automatic cleaning functions for the grinder.

  • Save time: The bean milk maker enables you to save time by easily performing all the necessary steps of soaking, cooking, grinding, and filtering with just a single button.

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Owning a bean milk maker is like having an extra ally in your kitchen
Owning a bean milk maker is like having an extra ally in your kitchen

Choosing the Right Bean Milk Maker: 2 Tips to Consider

When considering purchasing a bean milk maker, it is important to explore the range of options available on the market. These machines vary in price and functionality. To ensure you make the best choice for your family, we recommend evaluating the following criteria:

Explore the Benefits of Purchasing a Bean Milk Maker

Currently, there is a wide range of bean milk makers available on the market, manufactured by various reputable brands. Each machine model offers unique additional features that differentiate it from others. Some notable features include a timer function, fast and slow cooking options, and automatic self-cleaning of the grinder. It is essential to carefully consider your family’s needs and intended use of the bean milk maker when making a purchase decision.

If you are seeking a bean milk maker, consider whether you require a device with the most up-to-date features or if a simple and traditional model will suffice. It is recommended to select a machine with functions that cater to your needs rather than investing in a costly machine that offers more features than necessary, as this would amount to unnecessary expenditure.

Learn about the features when buying a bean milk maker
Learn about the features when purchasing a bean milk maker

Factory on East Coast Upgrades Grinder Capacity

Properly selecting the capacity of a machine is essential for optimizing usability and minimizing energy and cost expenses for the user. It is crucial to carefully consider the machine’s capacity before making a decision.

  • For families of 1-2 people, it is recommended to choose a machine with a minimum capacity of 1 liter.
  • For families of 3-4 people or more: It is recommended to choose a machine with a capacity of 1.75 to 2 liters or more.

Choosing the appropriate grinder capacity
Choosing the appropriate grinder capacity

Potential of Machines Elevated with Introduction of Supercomputer

Grinding Power: When selecting a bean milk maker, it is advisable to choose one with a higher power rating than regular blenders, preferably 800W or higher. A higher power rating allows the machine to process ingredients quickly and ensure optimal grinding quality.

Cooking Power: Products with a cooking power of 600 – 800W are highly appreciated. The higher the cooking power, the faster the cooking time.

Machine power is an important criterion in choosing a bean milk maker
Machine power is an important criterion in choosing a bean milk maker

Noise Levels During Machine Operation

Noise is often a drawback associated with many grinding and cooking devices, making it difficult to address. Nevertheless, higher-end machine models typically offer a slight reduction in noise compared to their cheaper counterparts. However, achieving complete silence during operation remains a significant challenge for any machine.

To ensure a satisfactory purchasing experience, customers are encouraged to verify the noise level of the machine at the store or consult the technical specifications for accurate information. For instance, a noise level below 75dB is considered acceptable and does not interfere with day-to-day activities.

Check the noise level when the machine is operating
Check the noise level when the machine is operating

What is the Price Range for Bean Milk Makers?

Considering your usage needs and current economic conditions, we offer a selection of products at various price points that are suitable for your family.

  • Price range: 1 – 5 million VND

    These machines are designed to meet basic usage needs, including grinding and cooking various types of bean milk and preparing a variety of other foods.

  • Above 5 million VND: The machine will offer additional smart features, including an LED display, support for hot and cold modes, various cooking modes, and a self-cleaning mode.

By reading this article, you can acquire fundamental knowledge about bean milk makers and gain the necessary skills to select an appropriate one for your household.

Experience the delights of our wide selection of bean milk options, available for immediate enjoyment!