Recipe for Making Strawberry Juice Using a Blender

Refreshing and nutritious strawberry juice can be made quickly and easily with a blender. Learn how to make it with the help of this article from – perfect for those who find fresh strawberries too sour!


Strawberries are good for the body
Strawberries are good for the body


  • 700g strawberries (choose fresh ripe red fruits, without green stalks and calyxes)
  • 2 fresh lemons (choose lemons with glossy skin for plenty of juice)
  • 500ml of filtered water
  • 50g sugar (adjust to taste)
  • 1 slice of fresh lemon
  • Tools: blender, glass, filter rack

Should choose fresh red ripe strawberries
Should choose fresh red ripe strawberries


  1. How to make strawberry juice with a blender

    Step 1: Wash strawberries thoroughly and cut off the stem and green calyx. Cut into small pieces. Note: Do not wash after cutting, as it reduces the nutrients in strawberries.

  2. How to make strawberry juice with a blender

    Step 2: Put strawberries in a blender. Add 500ml of filtered water and lemon juice to taste.

  3. How to make strawberry juice with a blender

    Step 3: Blend the strawberries, then use a filter rack to obtain pure strawberry juice.

  4. How to make strawberry juice with a blender

    Step 4: Pour the juice into a glass. Optionally, add a few teaspoons of sugar and stir well. Serve with ice and a slice of fresh lemon for decoration.

Strawberries provide a significant amount of immune-boosting vitamin C and powerful antioxidants. They are also beneficial for the digestive system and help lower cholesterol. In addition, strawberries contain essential nutrients such as potassium, vitamin K, and Omega-3, which promote smooth and vibrant skin.

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