Research shows children often have these 4 facial characteristics which indicate high intelligence.

No need to wait until a child goes to school, the intelligent qualities of a child can be manifested from an early age, even from the facial features.


Smart Kids have Good Eye Reactions

To assess whether a child has a high IQ or not, you can look at their eyes. It is not about the size or beauty of the child’s eyes, but the reactions and the mental state that can be seen through their eyes.

A child with good reactions when looking at things shows that the child is very sensitive to external stimuli and their brain reacts quickly. Such children are usually more intelligent. On the other hand, if a child has dull and slow eye reactions to the world around them, they are usually less intelligent.

Children can laugh earlier

American pediatrician Elin Wolf conducted an experimental survey and found that children who can laugh early usually have a higher IQ. This is because a smiling expression on the face means that the child reacts to external stimuli earlier. As a result, the brain develops more effectively, leading to higher intelligence.

Furthermore, children who can laugh early are usually more sensitive and have better observation skills as they grow up.

Prominent Forehead

People with a prominent forehead are often considered intelligent. Intelligent literary figures are often described with phrases like “high forehead, prominent, etc.”

Scientists say that the human brain is divided into 4 parts, called “lobes,” including the frontal lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe, and temporal lobe. The frontal lobe is located just below the forehead. It is related to reasoning, organization, planning, speaking, moving, facial expressions, performing consecutive tasks, problem-solving, controlling inhibition, spontaneity, initiating and regulating behavior, attention, memory, and emotional control.

The frontal cortex is the front part of the frontal lobe. Except for reflexes, all reactions are determined in the frontal cortex. Through experiments, brain scientists have proven that if the frontal cortex of an individual is larger, the brain will develop better.

For this reason, children with prominent foreheads are often considered intelligent.

Light Eye Iris Color

A study by the University of Washington shows a strong correlation between a child’s brain development and the color of their iris. The lighter the iris color, the better the brain development and the smarter the child’s future will be.

This is because there is a relationship between melanin in the human body and the activity of brain cells. The less melanin, the more active the brain cells, and the child’s intelligence will develop more.