Savoring the Delicious Taste of Cà Mau Seafood: Even Better than Crab!

Discover the mystery behind the horseshoe crab! This extraordinary creature inhabits tidal flats, and seafood fanatics adore its tasty and solid flesh.


Chù ? is a specialty in coastal provinces, especially in Cà Mau, which can be processed into many delicious dishes that are loved by many people. In this article, we will explore the Cà Mau seafood with a unique name but a delicious flavor.

1What is chù ?

Chù ? is a type of crustacean that inhabits mudflats and coastal areas, primarily in Cà Mau and Trà Vinh provinces. It has a body similar to a crab but is much smaller, weighing around 100g. Its compact size and slower movement distinguish it. As a chù ? matures, it turns redder, grows larger, and develops more meat. The shell becomes rough and its shape becomes wobbly, giving it a sad appearance, hence the name “chù ?”. The firm and sweet flesh of the chù ? is highly prized, and its crispy shell is also edible.

Chù ? là một loài giáp xácChù ? is a crustacean

In the past, chù ? was rarely caught and consumed. However, it is now being caught and processed into a specialty dish, which has gained popularity. As a result, more and more people are catching chù ? to sell, leading to its increasing rarity and higher price. According to local people, the months of February and March in the lunar calendar are the molting season for chù ?, known as “chù ? c?m”. The flesh during this period is especially delicious and fatty. Chù ? can be cooked in various ways, with the stir-fried chù ? with tamarind sauce being highly recommended.

2The price of chù ?

Chù ? lives deep in caves, requiring people to dig deep and use shovels to catch them. They can only survive for about 1 day on land or in containers, so they need to be refrigerated for transportation. This makes the transportation more challenging and increases the prices. Currently, the price of chù ? ranges from around 80,000 VND ($3.46), with variations depending on the time of year.

The price of chù ?The price of chù ?

In conclusion, chù ? is a gourmet specialty in Cà Mau, known for its delicious and fragrant firm flesh. We hope you found this article helpful. Thank you for following along.

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