Small Actions, Big Impact: Parents’ Influence on Children’s Success and Promising Future

It is highly beneficial to educate children before they sleep. Therefore, parents should take advantage of this opportunity to help their children make progress.


Many parents are too busy and do not have time to talk and care for their children. But no matter how busy they are, parents should make time for their children. If parents are busy during the day, they should spend time in the evening, before their child goes to sleep, to ask their child about what happened during the day and to say words of love to their child.

Education experts suggest that if parents do this before their child goes to sleep, the emotional intelligence (EQ) of the child will develop more, giving them a promising future.

When parents spend time talking about the happy things that happened during the day with their child, those happy memories will be deeply ingrained in the child’s mind. This is very useful in nurturing the emotional intelligence of the child.

When the child’s memory always recalls the happy things, not only will their personality become happy and lively, but the child will also become graceful and generous in dealing with others.

Parents should encourage their children to share their own happiness and accomplishments, maintain this simple habit every day to strengthen the development of emotional intelligence in the child. Gradually, parents will notice positive changes in how the child perceives and expresses emotions. Many parents have realized that when they listen to and participate in their child’s happy stories, not only does the relationship between parent and child improve, but the child also develops communication skills.

Along with sharing happiness, parents should guide and set goals for the child when necessary. When the child encounters failure or sadness, parents should become reliable advisors and help the child find solutions as well as learn lessons from those experiences.

Furthermore, affection is another important factor in nurturing a child’s emotional intelligence. The phrase “I love you” not only helps the child sleep soundly, but also enhances the child’s EQ. When parents express love, it is a great recognition and comfort for the child.

If parents always appear strict, do not show affection, or do not play with the child, it can make the child feel emotionally deprived and uncared for. Growing up in such an environment, children often struggle to develop healthy emotional abilities, affecting their future potential. Therefore, parents should remember that warmth and love are the keys to nurturing a happy and emotionally rich child.

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