Teach Kids These 3 Lessons Early In Life To Change Their Lives Forever

The three lessons many have found to be instrumental in changing the trajectory of their life journey


In the journey of life, every person goes through lessons and learns them. Those who become successful and happy are the ones who realize these lessons early on. From the moment they are born, children are usually closest to their parents. Each person’s childhood education will be the essential foundation that determines what kind of person they will become in the future.

In particular, there are life lessons that we can only learn through a very high price if we learn them in the school of life. But when they are taught by mothers and fathers, they teach us with all sincerity and without asking or demanding anything.

These 3 lessons are very important in everyone’s life. That’s why parents need to keep them in mind and teach them to their children.

Parents need to teach their children about the importance of health from an early age

Lesson 1: When you have health, you can dream of everything, but when you don’t have health, you only dream of having health

Health is very important, but young people often neglect it because they think they are healthy so what is there to worry about. But if you are not careful with your health, it will decline without you knowing it. Therefore, from a young age, you must always be aware of maintaining your health in terms of eating, sleeping, playing, and daily activities. Many young people do not exercise, eat recklessly, etc., leading to a lot of illness at a young age.

Protecting one’s own health needs to be taught to children from an early age, starting with eating, sleeping habits, etc. Eating is for the child, to protect the child’s health, not for the parents. Whether the child goes to bed on time and gets enough rest is also for the child. Whether the child takes part in martial arts or physical exercise is also for the child.

Sometimes, success comes with trade-offs, be it time, family, health, or even all three. If we reach the peak of success but do not have time and family, we will not be able to fully enjoy it. But if we lack health, no matter how successful we are, it becomes meaningless.

That is why health is the most precious and important asset of a person. We must preserve and exercise it in order to have the best health on the journey to success.

Teaching children independent thinking and decision-making helps them to become more mature in the future

Lesson 2: All maturity stems from independent thinking. That is the foundation of creativity and innovation

Instead of sheltering their children and making decisions for them, parents should teach their children to take responsibility for their actions. Sometimes you need to let your child experience the consequences of their own decisions, even if you know that some of the things they choose will not be good, but you must let them choose and they will learn their lesson. Sometimes parents need to let their children decide what clothes to buy, what clothes to wear, etc.

In the process of continuous practice, skills are constantly formed along with good habits being created, joy of success and self-confidence are also established for each individual. This is the beginning of independent thinking, raising awareness of responsibility and reducing dependence on others.

Parents should also encourage their children to have their own perspectives, dare to express their opinions and experiment with them.

Lesson 3: Learn to control yourself: Our own actions will create our own destiny. The wheel of fate must be in our own hands.

A person who has difficulty controlling themselves will be easily rejected by society. In this day and age, EQ is increasingly important in success, so it is crucial to be able to control oneself. People with poor self-control know that it is a disadvantage because they have poor willpower. Therefore, from a young age, we need to know how to control our time and actions.

This can be seen in the plan for using free time, which can involve drawing, reading a favorite story, practicing musical instruments, singing, or playing with friends.

The important thing here is that through each time frame, we can learn to respect the plans we set out, not to indulge ourselves for the sake of temporary pleasure.

Once the habit of acting according to a predetermined plan has been established, we will never fall into the tendency to procrastinate. This is a “deadly” disease that most young people cannot avoid with the catchphrase “let’s put it aside for now”/”let’s think about it tomorrow”/”wait a little longer”, leading to a manifestation of hesitation, self-consciousness, lack of energy and enthusiasm.

If you can’t even control yourself, no matter how much the world gives you, sooner or later you will destroy it all. Controlling yourself properly will help us change our whole life.

Frequently asked questions

Many young people take their health for granted and engage in unhealthy habits. By teaching them about the importance of health, they will understand that their actions have consequences and that maintaining good health is a lifelong journey. This lesson will help them develop a sense of responsibility and awareness of their well-being.

Parents can start by explaining the connection between health and dreams. For example, they can say, “When you’re healthy, you have the energy and focus to pursue your passions and turn your dreams into reality. But if you don’t take care of your health, you might not even have the chance to try.” It’s important to relate health to their aspirations and help them understand that their health is the foundation for achieving their goals.

Lesson 2: Encourage independent thinking and decision-making to foster maturity. Allow your children to make their own choices and experience the consequences. This teaches them to take responsibility for their actions and develops their critical thinking skills. It also helps them build self-confidence and a sense of self-awareness.

Parents can start by offering their children choices and involving them in decision-making processes. For example, they can ask their children to decide between two healthy snack options or let them choose an outfit for a special occasion. By doing so, children learn to consider their options and take ownership of their decisions. Parents should also encourage their children to express their opinions and be open to discussing different perspectives.

Lesson 3: Teach your children about self-control and its impact on their destiny. People who lack self-control often face rejection and struggle to achieve success. Help your children understand the importance of managing their time and actions to shape their future. Encourage them to develop hobbies and stick to predetermined plans to build discipline and avoid procrastination.

Parents can start by helping their children create structured daily routines and schedules. This could include setting specific times for homework, play, and hobbies. Encourage your children to stick to these plans and explain how it helps them develop self-discipline. Additionally, teach them about the dangers of procrastination and how it can hinder their progress and future success.
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