The Mistakes You Often Make When Trying to Clean a Plastic Box Forever

Many individuals wonder why plastic containers do not come out clean after washing, without realizing that there are certain mistakes that can lead to the persistent uncleanliness of these containers.


Many people really hate washing plastic containers over and over again without getting them clean. They always have that annoying stickiness that affects the food stored in the containers. In the following article, we will introduce you to the mistakes that make plastic containers not clean even after washing and the quick and neat ways to clean them.

1Mistakes when using and cleaning plastic containers

Not handling leftover food

Not handling leftover foodNot handling leftover food

You should not leave leftover food in the plastic container and then wash it without removing the food first. Instead, it is better to start by removing the leftover food from the container, rinse it with clean water, and then proceed to wash the plastic container. The reason is that when you wash the container with leftover food in it, dirt can spread throughout the container, providing favorable conditions for bacteria to grow and increase the stickiness of the container surface, making it difficult to remove dirt effectively.

Using low-quality plastic

There are many different types of plastic containers on the market, from cheap to high-end ones. However, you should prioritize choosing high-quality plastic such as (Polypropylene), which has high heat resistance and can be used in the microwave oven. The reason to choose high-quality plastic is that using low-quality plastic can cause oil and grease to stick to the surface of the plastic container, making the cleaning process difficult and ineffective. Moreover, using low-quality plastic can affect the health of the family, as it can contain toxic plastic particles or chemicals that can contaminate the food and pose a risk to the user’s health.

Using a scrub sponge that is too rough

Using a scrub sponge that is too roughUsing a scrub sponge that is too rough

Using a scrub sponge that is too rough can scratch the plastic container, not only reducing its durability and aesthetic appeal but also creating gaps or hiding places for dirt, bacteria, and grease, making it difficult to clean later. You can choose to use a mesh sponge, a sea sponge, or a silicone sponge to clean the plastic container. These types of sponges are soft and have just enough friction to quickly remove dirt without damaging the plastic container.

Choosing the wrong dishwashing liquid

Choosing the wrong dishwashing liquidChoosing the wrong dishwashing liquid

If you choose a low-quality or unsuitable dishwashing liquid, no matter how many times you scrub, the plastic container will still retain oil and may have an unpleasant odor. Therefore, you should choose a high-quality dishwashing liquid that can effectively remove oil, grease, and dirt.

2Some quick and neat ways to clean plastic containers

Wash with paper towels

Wash with paper towelsWash with paper towels

This method brings about significant results and is extremely simple to implement. You just need to put the paper towel in the container and then shake it well, the paper towel will absorb the stubborn grease stains on the plastic container.

Clean with various spices

Clean with various spicesClean with various spices

You can clean the plastic container with spices such as , , , coffee grounds, baking soda, etc. These spices are not only safe for health but also have the ability to clean the plastic container quite effectively, and the process is also quite simple. If you are looking for an effective way to clean plastic containers, you can consider this method.

Eliminate the odor of plastic containers with tea bags

Clean with various spicesClean with various spices

If your plastic containers have an unpleasant odor, you can use tea bags, which is extremely simple yet highly effective. The reason tea bags can help remove odors from plastic containers is that tea contains catechins, which are antioxidant compounds that fight odor-causing bacteria. Tea also has odor-absorbing and mold-inhibiting properties, making it a reasonable choice for eliminating odors in plastic containers.

These are our tips on the mistakes when cleaning plastic containers, as well as some quick and neat ways to clean them. Thank you for watching and wish you success in implementing these tips.

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