Why is Fresh Moss Not Usable While All Foods Like to Be Fresh? Must-Knows for Using Fresh Moss Without Harm.

When it comes to food, most of us talk about buying fresh food, which is better to eat than frozen or dried food. But why is raw milk never eaten when it is still fresh?


Mushrooms, also known as “cat mushrooms,” are the most popular food for end-of-year occasions such as feasts, memorial ceremonies, and parties. In many traditional dishes like nem, bamboo shoots soup with glass noodles, and stir-fried mushrooms, the role of mushrooms cannot be underestimated. But why can’t we eat fresh mushrooms as soon as they are picked?

Fresh mushrooms naturally contain a toxic substance called morpholine. This substance is abundant in fresh mushrooms, both on the plant and right after they are picked. Morpholine is photosensitive, so if you consume fresh mushrooms with a high content of this substance, you will experience itchiness. Because of its sensitivity to light, when exposed to sunlight, it gradually decomposes.

That is the reason why we need to thoroughly dry mushrooms before eating them, instead of consuming them fresh.

Is this toxic substance dangerous?

If you consume a large amount of morpholine, it can cause itching, nausea, allergies, and, in severe cases, serious toxic reactions. However, it does not have as harmful of an effect as the toxins in cassava or fresh bamboo shoots. Nevertheless, if you are not careful and consume a large amount, it can still be dangerous, causing skin necrosis, itchiness, and expensive treatment.

Therefore, you absolutely should not eat fresh cat mushrooms without drying them. If you have mushrooms growing in your house, dry them thoroughly under direct sunlight.

When buying mushrooms for cooking, you need to soak them in regular water to make them bloom and remove remaining morpholine after drying. Do not soak the cat mushrooms in boiling water to make them bloom faster. Soaking in lukewarm water will slowly make the mushrooms bloom and remove the toxic morpholine more effectively.

Mushrooms are a common food item and also have many health benefits, such as being a natural blood thinner like aspirin. Therefore, if you are taking blood thinners, you should be careful not to consume too much to avoid enhancing blood thinning, or if you have a blood thinning condition, you should pay attention to consuming this type of food.

Mushrooms are also considered to have the ability to boost immunity thanks to their polysaccharide content. Furthermore, consuming mushrooms can effectively reduce constipation and prevent cardiovascular diseases. In mushrooms, the darker the mushroom, the higher the content of vitamin K, calcium, and nutrients that help prevent blood clotting. The gum-like component in mushrooms helps remove waste substances in the digestive system, resulting in a clean gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, you can consider choosing black mushrooms to enhance the nutritional content.

How to choose delicious mushrooms

When you smell the mushrooms, you will find that delicious mushrooms do not have a musty odor. Especially avoid buying mushrooms with a strange smell.

Avoid buying mushrooms that have unusual colors like red or black spots. In reality, only black and light-colored mushrooms (referred to as white but not pure white, rather a lighter color than black mushrooms) exist.

When choosing mushrooms, pick ones with thick, large caps as they will be crispier than thin ones. Avoid picking mushrooms that look slimy and unappealing as they tend to be soft and mushy.

When you squeeze the mushrooms and they bounce back well, it means that they are good mushrooms.

Mushrooms should feel dry when touched.