Avoid this Fruit Juice Drink, It Can be Harmful and Wasteful of Money

Juices made from fruits and vegetables are becoming increasingly popular for their freshness and abundance of vitamins. However, many people are making mistakes in their juicing practices.


Fruit and vegetable juices are becoming increasingly popular as the trend of dieting, raw eating, and limited cooking of fresh plant foods is growing. However, many people are making the following common mistakes that prevent fruit and vegetable juice from delivering the desired results, and even causing harm:


Drinking juice from morning to night

Many people make juices and bring them to the office to drink all day. Fruit and vegetable juices should be consumed within 30 minutes to ensure their effectiveness. Storing them in the refrigerator can significantly reduce the amount of vitamins. Furthermore, leaving the juice in the refrigerator can disrupt digestion and increase bacterial contamination.

Adding sugar to fruit juice

Fruit juice is praised as a healthy drink, but refined sugar is not. Therefore, adding sugar to create a sweet taste that is easy to drink is not good. Sugar can increase the risk of obesity and diabetes, as well as accelerate aging. Instead, you should drink natural fruit juices or, if you want sweetness, combine them with honey or sugarcane juice instead.


Taking medicine with fruit juice

Some types of fruit juices can be harmful to health when taken with medication. For example, grapefruit juice and grape juice can reduce the concentration of an enzyme in the small intestine, altering the absorption of medication into the body, which could lead to overdose. Therefore, if you take medication, consuming grapefruit or grape juice could increase the amount of medication in your blood, causing overdose.

Mixing fruit juice with milk

If you mix milk with fruit juice, the tartaric acid in the juice will react with the protein in the milk, potentially forming precipitates. This mixture could hinder the absorption process by the body and even cause stomach discomfort in those with weak stomachs.

Thinking that drinking juice is better than eating fruits directly

Many people mistakenly believe that drinking fruit juice is better than eating fruits directly. In fact, some fruits contain a significant amount of fiber, which enhances bowel movements and facilitates smooth digestion. Moreover, the body absorbs juices faster than consuming whole fruits. Therefore, it is recommended to combine fruit juice consumption with eating whole fruits to enjoy the optimal benefits of fiber.


Drinking juice in the early morning or on an empty stomach, immediately after meals

This is a common mistake, as drinking juice in the early morning or on an empty stomach can harm the stomach due to the acidic nature of the juice. Drinking fruit juice immediately after a meal is not ideal either, as it can reduce nutrient absorption. The best time to drink fruit juice is between meals or after physical activity.

The more juice, the better

Many people believe that consuming a large amount of fruit juice is beneficial for their health. However, excessive consumption is not recommended as fruit juice lacks fiber, which plays a crucial role in preventing cancer, especially digestive system cancers. Therefore, consume an appropriate amount to maintain a balanced diet.

Not cleaning the juicer properly

Juicers are prone to bacterial contamination, as fruits often contain sugars that can lead to the growth of fungi and bacteria. Therefore, not properly cleaning the juicer can be very dangerous, as it can contaminate the juice with harmful microorganisms.

Purchasing and not thoroughl +y washing fruits and vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables are good to juice, but if they are not thoroughly washed or contaminated with chemical pesticides, they can be harmful. Cooking some vegetables will reduce the amount of pesticides compared to consuming them in juice form. Therefore, when consuming raw or juicing, extra attention should be given to washing fruits and vegetables.

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