Top 5 Reasons for Waking Up in the Middle of the Night and Unable to Fall Back Asleep

According to experts, investigating and correctly identifying the causal factors behind midnight awakenings can help you improve and ultimately eliminate this phenomenon. In some cases of insomnia following awakening, the potential causes may include:


Dr. Jose Colon (USA) stated that waking up 4-6 times per night is completely normal. However, after waking up, we can usually fall back asleep very easily. If you can’t fall back asleep immediately after waking up, you need to quickly find the cause and find the appropriate remedy to avoid negative effects on your health.


1. Inappropriate sleeping position

One of the factors that makes it difficult for you to fall back asleep after waking up is sleeping in the wrong position, where your body is not completely comfortable leading to difficulties in falling asleep, insomnia. In addition, choosing an inappropriate place to sleep such as a sofa, a table surface… can also cause back pain, shoulder and neck pain…

Dr. John Douillard stated that sleeping on the left can help improve digestion and blood circulation, promote emotional health, help the immune system operate normally, and prevent heart disease.

You should choose the most suitable pillow and mattress to improve sleep quality. At the same time, find a safe and appropriate sleeping position for yourself.

2. Noise

If you wake up and perceive noise around you, it is likely that this is a factor that interrupts and disrupts your sleep. Falling back asleep after waking up in this case is quite simple and does not require medical intervention. You just need to find a way to block the noise.


3. Sleep apnea

One of the most common sleep disorders is sleep apnea. This can make your lungs lack oxygen and wake you up. Other accompanying symptoms may include headache, dry mouth, chest pain, extreme sleepiness, and mood changes. People with this disorder need to see a doctor for treatment.

4. Bedroom temperature

If the bedroom temperature is too low or too high compared to the body temperature during sleep, it can also “awaken” the brain and wake you up. In this case, you just need to adjust the temperature to be appropriate.

5. Habit of using electronic devices

Using electronic devices greatly affects the quality of your sleep. Some studies have shown that exposure to blue light from these devices in the evening prevents your body from producing the sleep hormone melatonin.

Being exposed to your phone, other electronic screens like TVs, computers… right after waking up will make it more difficult for you to fall back asleep. The blue light from these devices stimulates the brain to produce melatonin, obstructing the feeling of sleepiness and can keep you awake until morning.