“How to Easily Clean a TV Screen – Even Beginners Can Do It!”

Want to keep your television's picture quality top-notch and its screen clean and shiny? Learn how to easily clean and care for your TV screen with just a few simple steps! Read on to discover the best way to maintain your TV's condition.


The LCD screen of the TV is very prone to dust and if you do not clean it regularly, it will affect the display quality of the screen and may cause damage due to external environmental factors.

Therefore, cleaning the TV screen is necessary and should be done every week or every month. Learn how to clean the TV screen easily. Anyone can do it through our article!

1. Prepare TV screen cleaning supplies

Soft cloth: To clean the TV screen easily and safely, you should prepare a soft cloth or a dedicated glass cleaning cloth. Avoid using old clothes or rags to wipe the screen as these materials can scratch the screen and leave fabric lint or paper dust.

Soft clothSoft cloth

Screen cleaning solution: You can use regular filtered water or a mixture of water and a specialized cleaning solution to clean the TV screen. However, do not use solutions like machine oil, gasoline, alcohol, nail polish remover, etc. to clean the TV screen as they can corrode, cause discoloration, and aesthetic damage.

Screen cleaning solutionScreen cleaning solution

Spray bottle: It is recommended to prepare a small spray bottle to contain the liquid, which can be a cleaning solution or simply water. This tool will help you control the amount of water used during cleaning, avoiding damage to the TV.

Spray bottleSpray bottle

2. Steps to clean the TV screen

Clean with a wiping cloth

Step 1: Turn off the TV before cleaning. You can unplug the power cord to ensure safety.

Step 2: Use a soft cloth to gently wipe away dust and dirt on the screen. Avoid using excessive force as it can scratch or crack the TV screen.

Step 3: Use the cloth to clean the hard plastic frame of the TV.

Clean with a wiping clothClean with a wiping cloth

Use vinegar or screen cleaning solution

If there are still stubborn stains that cannot be removed with a wiping cloth, you can use vinegar for cleaning. Vinegar is easily available and has a neutral corrosive property. It will cause less harm to your TV when cleaning.

Step 1: Use one end of the cloth to dab a little vinegar, squeeze it until it is slightly dry, then use the cloth to wipe the screen. You can press lightly and move in a circular motion for stubborn stains.

Step 2: Use a dry cloth to wipe the screen again.

Note: Avoid spraying or pouring vinegar directly onto the TV screen. If using cleaning solutions, avoid using those containing acetone, ammonia, ethyl alcohol, or ethyl chloride.

Use vinegar or screen cleaning solutionUse vinegar or screen cleaning solution

3. Some notes when cleaning the TV screen

When cleaning the TV screen, you should note the following:

  • Do not directly pour the screen cleaning solution onto the TV screen.
  • Do not press too hard on the screen when wiping as it can scratch or break the screen.
  • Always turn off the TV before cleaning to ensure safety.

Some notes when cleaning the TV screenSome notes when cleaning the TV screen

Above is how to clean the TV screen and some notes that you need to know. Hope this article will help you know how to clean your family’s TV screen correctly!