Increases in Energy Efficiency Achieved with Slow Cookers

As the demand for convenient cooking continues to rise, more and more families, especially those with young children, are turning to slow cookers as a way to create healthy and tasty meals with minimal effort. With so many settings and benefits, slow cookers offer a great solution for busy households.


Learn about the article below to gain an overview and detailed understanding of how to use the slow cooker efficiently and economically to achieve optimal results!

1. Does the slow cooker consume electricity?

The majority of slow cookers available on the market have a power rating of 150W to 300W, which is both safe and energy-efficient compared to other devices.

The average cooking time for thorough food preparation in a slow cooker is 2 to 3 hours, which results in moderate power consumption.


  • The slow cooker consumes a small amount of electricity due to its low power consumption.
  • The electricity consumption may vary depending on each family’s needs and usage patterns.
  • Counterfeit products with poor quality may have unusually high electricity consumption, so it is important to prioritize products with genuine origins and brands.

Does the slow cooker consume electricity?
Does the slow cooker consume electricity?

2. Tips for using the slow cooker economically

  • Avoid constantly opening the pot lid: Frequent opening of the pot lid during cooking releases hot steam and causes temperature fluctuations, resulting in inefficient cooking and wastage of time and energy.
  • Ensure a tight seal of the pot lid: Always make sure to tightly seal the pot lid before and during cooking to prevent the escape of hot steam and save more time and energy.
  • Adhere to the maximum cooking time: It is important to follow the recommended maximum cooking time to prolong the lifespan and ensure smooth and durable operation of the device.
  • Clean the pot after each use: Properly cleaning the pot and equipment not only extends their lifespan and durability but also helps save costs and energy for the family.
  • Avoid boiling and keeping food warm for more than 6 hours: Exceeding the 6-hour mark for boiling and keeping food warm in the pot can result in dry food and significant energy wastage.

Tips when using the slow cooker economically
Tips when using the slow cooker economically

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