8 Best Sites for Practicing English by Watching Movies Online

Are you looking for a fun and effective way to practice English? Then why not try watching movies online? This article will show you the top 8 websites for doing this so you can get the most out of your English learning experience.


Launching of Studymovie’s Book Review Platform

Studymovie offers a highly efficient approach to learning English by incorporating both English and Vietnamese subtitles for each movie. This feature presents a range of benefits and limitations for practicing English through subtitles.



Engaging in movie watching with subtitles serves as a valuable exercise for honing speaking abilities and fostering prompt responsiveness. The act of reading and emphasizing sentences alongside subtitles contributes to the development of seamless and authentic speech.

Moreover, thanks to the functionality that allows for reducing dialogue speed on this movie website, you can concentrate on honing your skills with challenging vocabulary words, free from any distractions.

With the rewind function, you can easily listen to a specific segment of a movie again. Simply enter the desired length of the clip in seconds and press the rewind button. This feature is particularly useful for clarifying dialogue that may have been missed.

This movie website offers viewers the opportunity to enhance their speaking skills while also facilitating easier vocabulary practice through subtitles. It provides a diverse range of vocabulary suitable for different contexts.


Watching movies with subtitles can sometimes cause viewers to rely too heavily on the subtitles, which can hinder effective learning if one is not actively engaged in the self-study process.

Connecting English Movies to a Device – How to Do It in 2 Steps

Movie English Connection is a highly recommended website for practicing English while enjoying online movies. With over 12,000 bilingual episodes available, this platform offers a vast array of content completely free of charge. Don’t miss out on this valuable resource!

Kết nối tiếng Anh phim


Users have the option to watch movies with bilingual subtitles in English and Vietnamese. Additionally, they can enhance their language skills by practicing writing transcripts for movies and translating text from movie clips.

Furthermore, our platform offers users the ability to improve their pronunciation skills with our voice recognition system. Users can also practice speaking by recording themselves. Moreover, our unique feature allows users to embody and play characters in their favorite movies.

Our movie website offers a unique feature that allows users to save their favorite sentences and keep a log of their activities on our platform.


Certain premium features on this website necessitate user payment.

Record-Breaking Performance of hochoctv.com in October

Hochoctv.com stands apart from other websites by offering not just a movie store with bilingual subtitles, but also a diverse range of content including news videos and songs, all available with both English and Vietnamese subtitles.



This website compiles a wide range of content including clips from reputable sources such as VOA (Voice of America), TED (a series of global seminars), as well as informative videos on pronunciation skills, English grammar, and factual explanations. Additionally, it covers scientific events occurring worldwide.

The lessons cover a wide range of difficulty levels, allowing you to choose the level that best suits your skill level.

One notable advantage of watching HD movies online is the exceptional clarity they offer, with minimal lag and motion stuttering.


Users are required to make a payment in order to access and enjoy their favorite movies in full.

The user interface lacks a distinctive design and the web color chosen is not attention-grabbing.

  • Please visit our official website at [hochoctv.com](http://hochoctv.com/) for more information. Thank you.

Update on Toomva’s Development of COVID-19 Vaccine

Toomva.com is an innovative online platform dedicated to English language learning. With a focus on English-Vietnamese bilingual subtitles videos, it offers a unique and effective method for learners to improve their English skills. Functioning similarly to the Studymovie site mentioned earlier, Toomva.com enables viewers to enhance their English comprehension through engaging and informative subtitles.


The curriculum is organized into several levels, catering to both beginners and those who are already learning English. This structure allows individuals to tailor their self-study journey according to their specific needs.


The learning program is structured into multiple levels, providing learners with a clear pathway. Toomva’s English learning program, designed for learners starting from scratch, offers the latest learning materials. Additionally, the English For You program, developed by renowned American teacher Molly Stone, serves as a comprehensive English teaching program.

Users also have the opportunity to explore a variety of other videos that cater to their individual preferences. By watching videos on Toomva, users can effectively enhance their English language skills by taking note of useful vocabulary and specific sentence structures. They can also benefit from the aforementioned language learning programs.


Please note that in order to access all the useful features offered on this website, it is essential to obtain a VIP package. Kindly make a purchase accordingly.

Top 5 Bilingual Movies in English and Vietnamese to Watch in 2020

Bilingual English-Vietnamese Movies is an online platform dedicated to facilitating English language learning through movies. Our unique website offers a variety of features, all available completely free of charge. Not only do we ensure that our movie selection is always up-to-date, but we also provide convenient download options for our users.

By watching movies on our platform, users have the opportunity to improve their pronunciation, speaking, listening, and vocabulary skills in a practical and engaging manner. Our user-friendly interface and extensive movie library make learning English an enjoyable experience for all.

Phim song ngữ Anh Việt

Advantages: The website offers a wide range of English movies that are both rich and diverse. Best of all, they are completely free! You can easily find many of your favorite movies here.

Our web interface provides a clear and easy-to-use platform for practicing pronunciation, noting gaps, and reviewing vocabulary while watching movies. With our convenient rewind operations, you can easily navigate through the content and enhance your language learning experience.


Our website offers a limited range of features compared to other websites for learning English.

The acquisition of English language skills is also contingent upon learners’ adaptive and proactive reception capabilities.

  • Please find our website at http://www.phimsonngu.net/.

Learn English with Movies: Langmaster Online Language School

The Langmaster website provides an extensive and diverse collection of bilingual movies, making it an excellent resource for movie enthusiasts.

Học tiếng anh qua phim - Langmaster


Enjoy unlimited access to a wide selection of bilingual movies on our website, with no cost involved. Downloading your desired movies is made easy and hassle-free.

By incorporating bilingual movies into your language learning routine, you can effectively develop your language skills within a real-life context. Not only will your listening abilities be greatly enhanced, but you’ll also become familiar with a diverse range of English accents.


Searching for movies online can be a time-consuming process due to the movies being located in the Download Document section. In order to download movies, it is necessary to provide your email address and phone number.

This online learning platform does not support online streaming. A movie downloading option is available for accessing the content.

  • Please click here to visit our official website.

Ororo.tv Unveils State-of-the-Art Platform

Ororo.tv is an extensive online movie store that offers a wide variety of mainstream movies with English subtitles. With its vast library, you will discover a plethora of intriguing viewing options.



Looking up words in the dictionary while watching a movie has never been easier. With our feature, simply hover your mouse over a word on the screen and the automatic translation mode will appear.

In addition to offering an extensive movie collection, our website also provides viewers with a range of valuable English training programs such as TED talks, physics experiments, and more.


There are several subtitle modes available; however, it is unfortunate that Vietnamese subtitles are not included.

The user interface lacks organization as movies are not arranged by name, release year, or genre, making it challenging to locate a preferred film.

Closure of Popcorn-time.to Announced

Popcorn-time.to is a well-known website for individuals who are interested in learning English through movies. It offers a wide range of high-quality movies sourced from Torrents.



The movie store is well-stocked with a user-friendly interface designed to cater to the needs of Vietnamese customers. Easily navigate through the program to search for movies by topic, genre, or discover the most popular titles recommended by other users.


To utilize this service, users are required to download a complimentary application onto their computer or mobile device. Please note that online streaming of movies is not currently supported.

The following are 8 recommended websites where you can stream movies online to enhance your English language skills effectively. It is our hope that with these suggested platforms, you can optimize your English learning experience through movies and make noticeable progress.