July 20, 2024
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How to Disable TikTok’s “Active” Status: A Simple and Hassle-Free Trick

When using TikTok, you often see notifications that someone is active or your active status will be notified to all your friends. If you want to turn this off, follow this tip.

How to easily turn off “active status” on TikTok

The "active" notification is making many people feel restricted when using TikTok.

Simple Ways to Detect if You Are Restricted on Messenger

The following guide will help you determine who has restricted you on Messenger, the messaging and calling platform. Give it a try if you need to.

How to Block Friends from Seeing You On Facebook Chat

Are you looking to stay hidden while still enjoying the benefits of Facebook? Here, we present a comprehensive guide on how to disable Messenger chat, enabling you to use the social media platform without anyone knowing. Even when your Facebook is in 'stealth mode', you can still receive messages from contacts as usual. Read on to find out how to disable Facebook chat on your computer and phone.

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