Delhi Launches Applications to Monitor Air Pollution

Bach Khoa GREEN is raising awareness of the concerning levels of air pollution present in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, the two biggest cities of our country. To help in protecting the health of individuals and their families, the organization is introducing different applications dedicated for monitoring air pollution.


The issue of air pollution is widely discussed, and the Ministry of Health consistently provides recommendations on monitoring air quality and taking precautions such as limiting outdoor activities and keeping windows closed when air quality is poor.

To continuously monitor and stay updated on air quality, it is recommended to download applications that help check pollution levels.

F What is Air Pollution?

In recent years, air pollution has become a prominent and concerning issue. However, it can be difficult to observe and perceive air pollution with the naked eye when it is not severe.

Air pollution

Air pollution occurs when the air contains toxic components that can negatively affect humans, animals, plants, and other elements on Earth. These toxic components include exhaust gases, fine dust, smoke, and suspended particulate matter.

These pollutants alter the natural composition of the atmosphere and pose a health risk to humans and damage the soil and water environment. It is a challenging issue not only for Vietnam but also for many other countries.

The imbalance between economic development and environmental protection leads to a decrease in the quality of life and an increase in respiratory diseases such as sinusitis, allergies, asthma, and chronic bronchitis.

Air pollution can cause asthma

2 Apps for Monitoring Air Quality

Due to the difficulty of visually detecting air pollution, several applications have been developed to measure air quality. These apps provide users with the ability to limit outdoor activities or take necessary protective measures when pollution levels are high.

AirVisual App

AirVisual app

The AirVisual app is widely trusted as it provides quick and accurate measurement results based on data obtained from reputable measurement agencies in nearly 100 countries. Some measurements are even connected to satellites to provide specific results.

The app also provides statistics on the clean/dirty ratio of indoor and outdoor air and offers convenient suggestions such as activity limitations and appropriate protective measures.

Free download on iOS and Android.

Pam Air App

Pam Air app

The Pam Air app, developed by Vietnamese individuals, offers many measurement stations across Vietnam, with over 80 points in provinces and cities nationwide.

The data source for this app is based on air quality sensor devices manufactured by D&L company – Pam Air application development company, and in some cases, data from third-party sources such as NetNam is also used.

The app provides real-time air pollution monitoring maps, pollution evolution over the last 24 hours, and notifications about air quality status, along with health recommendations.

Free download on iOS and Android.

Air Matter App

Air Matter app

Launched in 2011, the Air Matter app aggregates information from more than 180 countries and offers a user interface similar to AirVisual.

One unique feature of this app is the ability to sync with air purifiers from popular brands like Philips, enabling users to manage and receive suggestions on the appropriate level of filtration.

Free download on iOS and Android.

Air Quality App by Plume Labs

Air Quality app by Plume Labs

This app stands out from others by combining measurements from the ground, satellites, and an artificial intelligence system to provide fast and accurate information.

The app also offers suggestions on the best time to engage in activities such as jogging, cycling, or walking based on the user’s selection.

Free download on iOS and Android.

3 Considerations When Using Air Measurement Apps

The air quality parameters displayed on these apps may vary throughout the day.

Warnings indicating heavily polluted air, indicated by red or yellow indicators, may be displayed in the afternoon or evening, while the early morning air is likely to be fresh and normal.

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Download these apps to stay informed about air pollution levels and take necessary precautions when going outdoors.