7 Simple Ways to Keep Flowers Fresh Longer at Home

By applying some simple tricks such as adding a mixture of sugar, lemon, and household bleach to the water or always cutting the stem of the flower diagonally... will help your flower vase last a few more days.


Keeping Flowers Away From Fruits

Avoid placing fruits such as apples, bananas, or tomatoes next to flowers. These fruits produce a lot of ethylene gas, which causes flowers to wither quickly.


Adding Sugar, Lemon, and Bleach to Flowers

If you can’t buy a flower nutrient packet, you can make your own mixture of nutrients by adding sugar, lemon, and household bleach to the water in the vase.


Sugar provides nutrients for the flowers, lemon juice helps the stems absorb water better, and bleach reduces bacteria and mold. You can also substitute lemon with a coin.

Using Hair Spray

You can make your flowers last a little longer by spraying a thin layer of hairspray on them. However, don’t spray too much and spray from a distance to avoid damaging the petals.


Keeping Flowers Away From Appliances

Brad Weinstein, who works for a flower company in Dallas, Texas (USA), advises against placing flower vases near heating vents and entrances. Devices like TVs and heaters emit heat, which can cause flowers to wither quickly.


The company has conducted experiments showing that keeping flowers in the refrigerator overnight makes them last longer. So, if you want to preserve your flowers, you can try this method.

Cutting Flower Stems at an Angle

Regularly cutting flower stems at an angle with sharp scissors helps increase the area of water contact, allowing the flowers to absorb more water. If cut straight across, the stems will absorb less water because of the smaller contact area and the stems touching the bottom of the vase.


In addition, regularly check the water level in the vase to add more water to the flowers, avoiding leaving the vase completely empty, or else the flowers will wither quickly.

Cleaning Vases with Water and Bleach

Don’t immediately pour water into the vase after taking it out of the cabinet. Clean the flower vase thoroughly with soap or bleach to sterilize it. When there are fewer bacteria, your flowers will stay fresh longer.

Avoid Wiping the Flower Vase Dry

After cleaning the flower vase, instead of using a towel to dry it, simply turn the vase upside down and let it air dry naturally, preventing bacteria from entering the inside of the vase.


Source: Dân trí/Brightside