Don’t bother choosing big strawberries: Just look at this sweet and crispy point!

To select the most delicious and perfect strawberries, you must keep in mind the points shared in the article below:


Crunchy apples are a very healthy fruit, with a crispy, sweet taste that is loved by both adults and children. However, if you don’t have experience in choosing apples, you are likely to buy apples that are sour or rotten. In order to choose the best apples, you must remember the following points shared in the article below:

Look at the outside

Apples are a type of fruit that is easily bruised, so if you want to choose good apples, you must observe the outer skin of the apple. Choose apples with smooth, shiny skin that is not bruised, dark, or cracked.

Especially pay attention to the stem of the apple, do not choose apples with stems that are cracked because bacteria may have invaded. Instead, choose apples with stems that are plump and not sunken, as these are ripe, delicious apples.

Observe the color

When buying apples, choose apples with skin that has completely turned orange or are still slightly green at the stem. Avoid choosing apples that are green or yellow because they are not fully ripe and will taste sour.

In addition, do not choose apples with dark, cracked skin as they may be bruised or rotten.

Look at the stem

One of the tips to keep in mind when choosing apples is to carefully observe the stem. Choose apples with stems that are plump and not sunken, as these are crispy and delicious apples.

Also, observe the stem of the leaves, if the stem is green and looks fresh, the apples will be crispy and delicious when eaten. On the other hand, if the stem is withered and yellow, it is likely that the apples have been picked for a long time and will not be crispy and delicious.

Use your fingers to press

We can gently press the apple to know if it is good or not. If it feels firm and does not dent when pressed, then it is a fresh, crispy apple. On the other hand, if the apple is soft, especially if the stem is soft and there are many bruises, it is best not to buy it.

Check the weight

Choose apples that feel heavy in your hand, as they are usually fresh and juicy. Light apples are usually ones that have been picked for a long time.

How to store crispy apples

To keep apples crispy and delicious for longer, after buying them, you can stack the apples between layers of newspaper and put them in a tightly sealed plastic bag in the refrigerator, take out as many as you need to eat.

If you prefer sweeter apples, you can leave the apples in a tightly sealed plastic bag outside for 2-3 days before storing them in the refrigerator.

The reason for using newspaper to wrap the apples before putting them in a plastic bag is that apples contain tannin, a bitter substance. When you put the apples in a tightly sealed plastic bag, the bitter substance will automatically evaporate and absorb into the newspaper, keeping the apples dry and crispy. If you only put them in a plastic bag without wrapping them in newspaper, the bitter taste will remain in the plastic bag, causing the apples to become damp and lose their crispness.

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