How to Choose Delicious Early Season Cherries without Bitterness for Women

The season of apricots is here, and what could be more delightful than enjoying apricots dipped in shrimp salt. We are delighted to share with our readers some tips on selecting the best apricots, ensuring they are sweet and not bitter.


Summertime is also the season for apricots. Usually, apricots are grown in the Northern provinces. When ripe, apricots have a beautiful red-purple color. The flesh of the fruit is fresh and sweet, which is very attractive.

Apricots are also a type of fruit with high nutritional value and contain many vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C. In addition, apricots also have many health benefits for humans, such as helping with blood circulation, lowering blood sugar, or enhancing memory.

A delicious fruit that is also good for your health like this is no wonder why women are obsessed with it. However, to choose a good fruit, you also need some tips, otherwise it’s easy to choose the wrong ones that are bitter or not tasty.

Tips for choosing sweet and non-bitter apricots for women - Photo 1.

Apart from eating the whole apricot, we can make apricot syrup. Apricot syrup is a refreshing drink in the summer.

How to choose apricots to get good ones that are not artificially ripened?

Apricots can not only be eaten, but also soaked in syrup or made into jam. However, if you don’t know how to buy them, you may choose bitter and sour ones. Not to mention that early-season apricots are often soaked in chemicals to ripen them.

Here are some tips for choosing good apricots:

The appearance of apricots determines the quality of the flesh. It is best to choose fresh apricots with stems and leaves, round and undamaged fruits. Also, do not buy apricots with insect marks or nail marks as they are prone to bacterial infection, according to the sharing of Ms. Trang, the owner of a fruit stall in Long Bien market

Tips for choosing sweet and non-bitter apricots for women - Photo 2.

A juicy and good apricot is a fruit that does not have nail marks, is plump, and still has stems and leaves. Illustrative photo.

According to Ms. Trang’s 10-year experience in selling fruit, a good apricot will have plump, smooth skin and a layer of white powder covering the outside. Apricots with a layer of white powder indicate that they have just been harvested and will be fresher and tastier.

When choosing apricots, do not choose ones that are too green or too ripe red, but only choose a combination of these two colors. These are the apricots that are both crisp and sweet.

Tips for choosing sweet and non-bitter apricots for women - Photo 3.

Freshly harvested apricots will have a layer of powder covering the outside. Illustrative photo.

If they are too green, they will be sour, while if they are too ripe, they may lose their crispness. If you prefer sweet ones, you can choose dark red ones.

Although early-season apricots are very attractive and delicious for women, you should eat them in moderation to avoid acne. Also, you can rinse the apricots with salt water several times and store them in the refrigerator to keep them fresh longer.

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