How to Escape from Being Trapped in a Car Trunk

Nowadays, modern cars often have a trunk release lever located inside, allowing individuals trapped in the trunk to easily escape.


Getting stuck in the trunk of a car is an extremely dangerous situation, especially for young children. That’s why many car models nowadays have an interior trunk release latch, so that a trapped person can easily open the trunk from the inside without needing a key.

Depending on the car model, the interior trunk release lever is designed to be either exposed, where the trapped person can simply use their finger to slide the lever, or it is placed behind a cover. In the latter case, the person inside needs to locate the cover and slide the trunk release lever after removing the cover.

Interior trunk release lever in some current car models.

Although it is very rare to use this method to open the trunk, parents should still teach their children how to use it as a precaution in case a child gets trapped in the trunk due to curiosity.

While not every car model is designed with the interior trunk release feature mentioned above, the number of newly manufactured cars equipped with this feature has been increasing in recent years. In the United States, in order to provide additional emergency exits for users and prevent the risk of kidnapping or being trapped in a car, the government has introduced a mandatory requirement for all passenger cars to have this final emergency door design.

In emergency situations where traditional escape methods are ineffective, opening the trunk from the rear is considered a “light at the end of the tunnel”. Therefore, when purchasing a car, experts recommend prioritizing models with this rear trunk release function.

Source: VTC news