How to Prepare a Perfectly Cut Chicken for a Special Tet Meal

Trying to make the perfect boiled chicken dish for your New Year's Day celebrations? We've got you covered! Follow our easy to use cooking tips and learn how to prepare and dress up your boiled chicken dish for an impressive presentation.


How to Choose the Right Chicken for Boiling

When selecting a chicken for boiling, it is important to consider certain external attributes. Look for a chicken with a bright red comb, smooth feathers, healthy and shiny feet, and a beak without any discharge. The legs should be straight, shiny, and have a consistent yellow color.

If possible, pluck some feathers to inspect the skin. The skin should be soft, shiny, and allow you to see the meat and blood vessels under the wings. There should be no fat under the wings, and no signs of injections such as red spots, swelling, or black marks. It is best to avoid chickens with these characteristics.

Choose a chicken with soft, shiny skin and no fat under the wings

How to Boil Chicken for Firm and Beautiful Meat

After cleaning the chicken, boil it while the water is still cold to ensure even cooking. Add a few slices of fresh ginger to the pot to remove any unpleasant smells and enhance the fragrance of the chicken meat. Once the water boils for about 10 minutes, turn off the heat and cover the pot for approximately 20 minutes. Then, remove the chicken from the pot and immerse it in boiling or cold water until it completely cools before removing it. This process will result in firm, shiny meat with a bright color.

You can also brush the chicken with ginger-infused chicken fat to achieve a shiny and attractive skin.

Brush ginger-infused chicken fat on top for a shiny yellow skin

Quick and Non-Cracking Method for Cutting Chicken

For cutting chicken, choose a large, sharp meat cleaver and a thick, clean cutting board. A sharp cleaver will make the cutting process simpler and easier.

Start by cutting along the armpit of the chicken towards the back, shaping the chicken thigh into a rectangle or square for aesthetic appeal.

Cut the wings in the direction of the armpit, slightly overlapping the breast to maximize meat on the wings.

Proceed to cut the neck and then vertically cut the body of the chicken. Chop each piece into smaller sizes as desired, ensuring clean and neat cuts.

During the Tet holiday, arranging the boiled chicken on a plate requires skill and attention. Place the chicken on the plate with the yellow skin side down. Any pieces without skin should be placed in the middle, and the bone, neck, wings, and legs should be positioned on the top. Use a balanced and appropriately sized plate for a well-filled presentation. Finally, sprinkle some freshly squeezed lemon juice on top to enhance the visual appeal of the chicken plate.

Arrange the chicken neatly and sprinkle lemon juice on top for visual appeal

These tips make the process of boiling and cutting chicken simple and quick. Remember to apply them for beautifully arranged boiled chicken plates during the Tet holiday. Share your own chicken cutting tips in the comments section!

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