Items you should never leave in your car trunk on a hot summer day

Not every item can be placed in the trunk of a motorcycle during hot and intense weather as the risk of explosion is very high.


The spacious trunk of a motorbike is a place that most people utilize to store various items for convenience, tidiness, and security reasons. However, there are certain things that should not be stored in the trunk of a motorbike on hot sunny days as they can have unwanted consequences.

Here are some items that you should not put in your motorbike trunk when the weather is hot and sunny.

Electronic devices

Electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, or laptops should never be put in the motorbike trunk.

With the heat from the engine emitting in the trunk, combined with the hot temperature while traveling on the road during the summer, the temperature inside the trunk can exceed 40 degrees. This temperature is relatively dangerous for electronic devices. Furthermore, batteries are a sensitive component as they also generate heat. When it gets too hot, these electronic devices can explode and emit harmful chemicals, which can be dangerous to the skin, eyes, and overall health.

These are the absolute items that should not be stored in the motorbike trunk during the summer.

Lighters should never be placed in the motorbike trunk as they contain flammable substances (gas). Similarly to electronic devices, the high temperature inside the trunk can cause lighters to explode, posing a danger to both the owner and the motorbike.

Carbonated beverages

No one would think that carbonated soft drinks used for refreshment on the go could turn into a terrifying “bomb” if stored in the motorbike trunk.

The high temperature inside the trunk is the culprit that increases the pressure inside the beverage cans. Due to the high pressure, the gas in the carbonated beverages will be strongly compressed, making the sweet “bomb” easier to explode than ever.


A sunscreen tube is an indispensable item for women in the summer but can have terrifying consequences if stored in the hot sunny motorbike trunk.

If the sunscreen tube stays too long in a hot and enclosed trunk, it can explode. Although the explosion of a sunscreen tube is not as harmful as carbonated soft drinks, electronic devices, or lighters, it will still require you to clean up your motorbike trunk.


Unlike the above-mentioned items that can cause fire or explosion, food can spoil and become spoiled if left in a hot and enclosed place like a motorbike trunk.

If you want to preserve the freshness of your food, it’s best not to store it in the motorbike trunk. Food left in the trunk can easily become rotten, especially meat. Additionally, the high temperature in the enclosed environment with many bacteria in the motorbike trunk can cause the food to mold and deteriorate, affecting your health.


Lipsticks, powder compacts are essential items that women always carry with them. But be careful, do not store lipstick in the motorbike trunk as it can deteriorate or melt if left in the hot trunk for too long. If you don’t want to throw away your beloved lipstick, pay attention to this.


Excessive heat in the motorbike trunk can cause the medicine to deteriorate, reducing the quality and even creating harmful substances for the user’s body. Therefore, to ensure the quality of the medicine, you should not casually put them in the trunk, especially on hot sunny days.

Carbonated beverages can easily become dangerous “bombs” if stored in the motorbike trunk on sunny days.

Bottled water

Using plastic bottles or containers in the motorbike trunk to store water or food can accidentally expose you to harmful substances. When placed under the sun, the high temperature affects the plastic bottle’s material, which can contaminate the water inside the bottle with bacteria or toxic chemicals, such as causing cancer or heart diseases. Therefore, it’s best to avoid the habit of storing bottled water in the motorbike trunk during the summer.

Flammable liquids

All flammable liquids are labeled with warnings on the packaging, including hair sprays, aerosols, lighter fluid, etc. If they exceed the recommended temperature from the manufacturer, they can expand and immediately explode. In the case of these products coming into contact with gasoline, the risk of a fire or explosion in the motorbike is likely to occur.


Perfumes contain a certain amount of alcohol. That is why they are easily flammable. Therefore, do not store perfume in the motorbike trunk, as the high temperature can alter their fragrance and potentially cause a fire if it gets too hot.


Many people usually put their sunglasses in the motorbike trunk and think it is harmless. However, if the motorbike trunk becomes too hot, the plastic material in the sunglasses will melt, posing a danger to the eyes, skin, and potentially increasing the risk of cancer.

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