Level Up Your Cooking Skills with These Handy Tips

These simple tips will make the dishes that women often cook much more appealing.


1. To prevent fish from getting mushy when cooking

Fish meat is very delicate and can easily become mushy when cooking. Therefore, before cooking any fish dish, fry it in a pan first, the fish meat will become firm.

Before frying, you can coat the fish with a thin layer of starch, which will make the fish even firmer.

During the cooking process, avoid flipping the fish constantly to prevent it from falling apart.

If you know these tips, your cooking skills will be much better-1

2. To preserve the flavors in soup

– When cooking soup or braised dishes, cooking for too long does not make the food tastier, but it can lead to nutrient loss. Therefore, just cook for the necessary time. Fish soup takes about 1 hour, chicken soup and pork rib soup take about 3 hours.

– When the soup is boiling, reduce the heat to medium and simmer on low heat.

– Once the heat is at the lowest level, limit opening the lid or adding more water.

– Avoid adding salt too early, as it will make the protein in the meat difficult to dissolve.

3. Keep the color of vegetables vibrant

– When stir-frying vegetables (such as morning glory), if you stir-fry for too long, the vegetables will lose their original vibrant color and shine. Therefore, stir-fry until they are just cooked.

– In addition, adding a few drops of white wine to the pan before stir-frying can effectively reduce the loss of color in the vegetables and enhance the taste.

If you know these tips, your cooking skills will be much better-2

4. Tips for delicious seafood congee

– Choose good quality rice and soak it before cooking.

– The seafood ingredients must be fresh and marinated before cooking.

– Cook the plain congee first and then add the seafood, cook for another 10 minutes.

If you know these tips, your cooking skills will be much better-3

5. Cooking pork bone soup or pork broth

– When cooking soup, add enough water at the beginning and try not to add water while cooking.

– Add 1 tablespoon of vinegar to the soup to help the protein in the meat to dissolve better into the soup.

6. Soft scrambled eggs

Beat the eggs in a bowl, add a little warm water and mix well. Then pour the eggs into a pan with hot oil and flip. While frying, add a bit of alcohol to the pan. The scrambled eggs will be soft, tender, and delicious.


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