Quickly cool down your car parked under the sun

Below are some quick ways to cool down a parked car under the scorching sun that can be helpful for you during the hot summer days.


Multiple documents indicate that if a car is left under the hot sun at around 30 degrees Celsius, the temperature inside the car can increase to nearly 60 degrees. In reality, cars not only have to endure the summer sun, but also the heat coming up from the road surface. The interior details such as leather and plastic can also generate toxic gases that are harmful to human health.

The heat reduces the lifespan of plastic and rubber details in the car.

Common methods such as turning on the air conditioning, turning on the fan at the highest level, or lowering the windows sometimes do not help to quickly reduce the temperature inside the car, but also waste fuel and time. Here are some effective and quick ways to cool down your car if you have to park under the sun for a long time.

Spray water on the windshield

When driving on the road, spraying water on the windshield will also help to partially cool down the car. If a water hose is not available, you can turn on the windshield wipe mode to spray water on the glass. Additionally, you should also adjust the air conditioning temperature inside the car according to the outside temperature, without too much difference to avoid heat shock when stepping outside, which can cause fatigue and discomfort, especially for children and the elderly.

Properly adjust the air conditioning

According to the principle, hot air rises, while cool air condenses below. Therefore, when entering the car, you should turn on the air conditioning fan at high intensity and direct the airflow to the feet. Note that you only need to open a part of the window to quickly eliminate the hot air from the interior. When the temperature starts to decrease, switch to turn on the AC air conditioning.

Open and close the door repeatedly

Synthetic materials inside the car, when heated, not only cause discomfort for passengers but also produce unpleasant and harmful odors. Therefore, opening all the doors is necessary – it helps to cool down and ventilate the car, as well as allows harmful gases to escape. Opening and closing the doors continuously effectively reduces the temperature inside the car when parked under the sun for a long time. If you consider the interior compartment as a cylinder, opening the passenger side door is the outlet while opening and closing the driver’s side door 5 to 6 times within 30 seconds will significantly push the hot air out of the car.

Shade the car

When parking, if possible, try to find a place with shade from trees or buildings… If there is no other option, prepare a sunshade for the car and use reflective panels inside the car for certain effects. Using reflective panels combined with tinted windows is an effective way to reduce the temperature inside the car, reducing the load on the car’s air conditioning. This helps the air conditioning system operate more efficiently, consume less fuel, and lasts longer.

Do not let the steering wheel absorb heat

The steering wheel is often covered with leather, so it gets very hot when absorbing solar energy, especially on the upper surface. Therefore, when parking under the sun, you should turn the steering wheel half a turn so that the hand placement is facing downwards, or it would be best to use a steering wheel cover to avoid direct sunlight contact.

Cool down the gear lever

Similar to the steering wheel, the gear lever is the fastest component to heat up. To be able to control the gear lever immediately, it is very simple to cover it with a cloth or foam to prevent burns.

Source: vtc.vn