Soak meat in carbonated sweet water before cooking, the final result will make everyone wish they knew this trick earlier.

Have you ever bought a piece of meat that looks delicious, but when you cook it, it becomes too tough to chew? Well, in that case, try using carbonated water, and you'll be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.


Cooking seems to be a “nightmare” for many people, and situations like cooking raw or overcooked, burnt meat, withered vegetables, cut fingers… can happen. However, have you ever thought about what would happen if you “learned” simple cooking tips from professional chefs?

1. Meat is too tough, chewy

– Use carbonated drinks: Carbonated drinks act as a perfect meat tenderizer. Before frying, soak the meat in carbonated drinks for about 10 minutes.

Soak the meat in carbonated drinks, the final product will surprise you-1

– Use fruits: Apples, pears, mangoes, or lychees are all fine. Peel the fruits, slice them thinly, then wrap the pieces of meat and cook. The fruit juice will tenderize the meat.

– Use sake wine: Crush onions and apples in a bowl, add a little olive oil and sake wine. Marinate the meat with this sauce overnight in the refrigerator to enhance the flavor and tenderize the meat.

Afterward, drain the excess sauce, then fry the meat with a little black pepper. This method will make your fried meat much more flavorful.

2. Dish is too salty

Today, you decide to showcase your stir-fry dish, but accidentally add too much salt. It’s very simple, just use the potatoes available in the refrigerator because they are very effective in absorbing salt.

Soak the meat in carbonated drinks, the final product will surprise you-2

You just need to peel the potatoes, slice them thinly, then add them to the pan for 15 minutes before enjoying the dish. Remember to remove the potatoes before serving, and the salty taste will disappear along with each slice of potato. You can apply this method to soups, stews, and stir-fries.

3. Grilling with crispy skin

Soak the meat in carbonated drinks, the final product will surprise you-3

When grilling fish on a grill, try brushing mayonnaise on the fish and sprinkle a little salt. The grilled fish will have a golden and crispy skin.

4. Dish is too spicy

Take note of these simple tips to reduce the spiciness of your dish:

Add sweetness: By adding sugar or honey to the dish, the sweetness of these ingredients will neutralize the spiciness. But remember to add them in moderation to avoid your dish becoming too sweet.

Add broth: This is the simplest way to reduce spiciness in a dish. Just add broth and bring it to a boil, the spiciness will significantly decrease.

Soak the meat in carbonated drinks, the final product will surprise you-4

Add vegetables: If your soup or stew turns out to be too spicy, you can add some vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, potatoes… The fiber in the vegetables will absorb some of the spiciness, and the sugar in the vegetables will neutralize the spiciness, giving you a delicious and nutritious dish.

5. Making delicious fried onions

You should use butter to fry onions, melt the butter before adding the onions to avoid burning the onions.

Soak the meat in carbonated drinks, the final product will surprise you-5

Of course, you need some cooking oil as well, and remember to fry in medium heat. Also, when frying onions, you can add a little salt to remove the smell and help the onions cook faster and become sweeter.


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