Tips to prevent pots and pans from burning while cooking

Using a high-quality frying pan and ensuring it is clean before use can help prevent the problem of a scorched pan when cooking.


Cooking with burnt pots and pans is not only a waste of time to clean but also makes the food less appealing and affects health. Here are some tips to help minimize the problem of burnt pots and pans when cooking, making it easier for you to cook.

Use high-quality pots and pans

Most low-quality pots are coated with Teflon, a compound that can be easily eroded over time. Teflon is also harmful to human health. Therefore, you should choose high-quality pots and pans made of heavy and durable materials. In addition, the appropriate enamel layer of the cooking pot helps minimize burn marks when cooking.

You can also choose to use non-stick pans coated with a non-stick layer on the surface to minimize the burning of food. You can fry, stir-fry comfortably without worrying about the food being ruined or losing its taste. In addition, the non-stick layer of the pan helps you save cooking oil and brings good food for health.

Use high-quality pots and pans to prevent burning.

Clean the pot or pan before use

In addition to cleaning the stove, you should also clean the pot or pan before use. Some leftover food scraps may stick to the bottom or between the gaps of the pots and pans, which is the cause of burning when cooking. It is best to choose a non-stick pan with a ceramic coating on the outside for easy cleaning.

Preheat the oil in the pan

When using any type of pan and ingredient, pouring oil in advance will help you avoid leaving burn marks when cooking. You can use pork fat, preheat the cooking oil in the pan at medium temperature, to create a perfect non-stick layer.

Adjust the appropriate cooking temperature

You should use a burner suitable for the size of the pot or pan, especially with gas stoves. Because the flame of the gas stove can evenly spread to the edges of the pot (pan), making it easy for liquid and solid substances to stick to the sides, easily causing burn marks.

Therefore, choose a relatively sized burner, at least smaller than choosing a too large burner.

Adjust the appropriate cooking temperature

If you simmer sauce with sugar, milk, cheese, etc. at too high temperature, this mixture will easily burn. Therefore, you should adjust the flame when cooking at a suitable temperature. You can also use a flame adjuster (heat diffuser) to easily adjust the temperature from low to medium.

Stir frequently while cooking

The important thing when cooking sauces is to stir constantly until turning off the heat. If this type of food stays fixed for too long, it will cause burn marks and loss of taste for the food.

Rotate the pots and pans

Rotating the pots and pans while cooking will help you limit burn marks. Because rotating avoids high temperatures concentrating too long in one place. Make sure you rotate the pots and pans on the stove according to the flame temperature.

Tips for handling burnt food

With burnt food, you need to handle the pan quickly and neatly to avoid affecting subsequent dishes. Remove the pot or pan from the stove, add a cup of cold water to the inside of the pan. Then put it back on the stove and simmer the water with medium heat. Use a metal spoon to gently scrape off the burn marks. Note to be gentle to avoid damaging the pan surface.

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