Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Flowers During and After Tet Festivities

The upcoming Tet holiday is a perfect time to bring some extra beauty and joy to your home with flowers. To help you make sure you pick the perfect blooms, we have put together this article to provide you with some essential tips. Read on to find out the best way to select and care for flowers so that they remain vibrant and cheerful for longer.


Making the Right Decisions for Your Tet Floral Arrangements

In Vietnam, there are two widely sought-after varieties of Tet flowers that are commonly displayed in vases, pots, or directly planted.

A Guide to Decorating with Flowers in Vases, Pots and Baskets

  • Please select flowers that are still in bud form and have numerous buds.
  • When selecting flowers, it is important to choose those that still exhibit dew petals and calyx petals on the exterior. Opt for flowers with firm and fresh petals, avoiding those that have lost their dew or have soft petals. Flowers that display these characteristics are typically more recently harvested and have not been tampered with by sellers. By avoiding older or manipulated flowers, you can ensure that your selection remains fresh and avoids the risk of wilting or damage.
  • When purchasing a bouquet of flowers, it is advisable to remove any flowers that exhibit signs of withering or have fully bloomed with petals spread. The presence of such flowers can have a detrimental impact on the surrounding flowers.
  • The optimal time to purchase flowers for Tet is between 3-5 days prior to the holiday. This timeframe ensures that the flowers will blossom precisely during Tet, thereby avoiding the risk of purchasing too early or too late when the flowers may not bloom or have withered by the time Tet arrives.

Choose flowers that are still in buds, with many buds

Tips for Choosing Apricot or Peach Branches:

When selecting apricot or peach branches, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • The branches should have a round shape and be evenly distributed.
  • The branches should originate from the same point on the main stem.
  • Choose branches with many buds that are firm and evenly distributed.
  • The stem of the tree should be rough but strong, without any signs of damage or breakage.

Consider incorporating long-lasting flowers into your floral arrangements instead of opting for those with a short lifespan. Varieties like yellow chrysanthemums, everlasting flowers, Japanese chrysanthemums, fortune flowers, and more are excellent choices that boast extended longevity and require minimal maintenance. By planting these flowers in your garden after Tet, you can ensure their continued growth and preserve their beauty for an extended period. Make the most of these resilient blooms by providing them with proper care and attention on a daily basis.

Choose flowers with a long lifespan

Tips for Arranging Flowers in Vases to Keep Them Fresh

  1. Begin by thoroughly cleaning the vase before arranging or changing the water.
  2. Ensure that the inside of the vase is scrubbed to remove any residue or soap as they can alter the pH level of the water, resulting in the flowers wilting prematurely.

Clean the vase thoroughly before arranging

  1. Step 2: Prepare the flowers by removing any wilted leaves, crushed petals, and submerged leaves in water.
  2. Doing this will prevent the leaves from decaying and causing the flowers to wither quickly.
  3. Place the prepared flowers in a vase for a longer-lasting display.

Step 3: Place the flower branches in a container filled with water and carefully trim them with sharp scissors. Remember to cut at an angle to enhance the contact area with water, allowing the flowers to absorb more water and maintain their freshness for a longer period of time.

Cut branches at an angle to increase the contact area with water

Check Soil Weekly for Flowers Planted in Pots

When purchasing potted flowers, rest assured that you will receive fresh, visually stunning, and durable plants. However, it is important to note that potted flowers that have recently been repotted may not thrive as expected. Due to insufficient time for the roots to establish firm connections with the soil, these potted flowers may wither prematurely, despite proper care and watering. To avoid disappointment, it is recommended to select potted flowers that have had ample time to establish themselves in their pots.

  • It is recommended to purchase them approximately 2 days prior to Tet to ensure that the flowers remain fresh throughout the 3-day celebration.
  • When selecting potted flowers, it is recommended to choose plants with roots slightly above the surface.
  • It is advisable to avoid selecting pots containing old soil or displaying signs of mold. Such plants may have been neglected and poorly cared for, leading to potential issues with their overall quality and health.

Prefer to buy plants with roots (potted flowers)

How to Select the Perfect Flowers for a Bouquet: 2 Expert Tips

Below are some guidelines to help you choose the perfect flowers for different occasions:

Kids Get Hands-On with Nature at Mai Flower Planting Event

  • To select the appropriate mai tree, perform a gentle examination of the stem and roots by assessing their firmness and strength.
  • Please select trees that have buds that are healthy and not withered or falling off.
  • When selecting branches or trees, it is recommended to choose those with a moderate number of buds that are evenly distributed on the branches. In order for mai trees to be considered beautiful, they should have an ample amount of leaves and flowers, ensuring a balanced presence of both.
  • When selecting trees, it is advisable to avoid those with excessive leaves or extremely green foliage. Instead, opt for trees exhibiting small green leaves or leaves boasting a purple-red hue. These particular leaves are believed to bestow good fortune upon the owner in the upcoming year.

Choose trees with small green leaves or purple-red leaves

The Financial Bubble of the Dutch Tulip Mania in the 1600s

  • When selecting flowers, it is recommended to choose those with the majority of buds about to bloom and with green pistils.
  • The leaves and petals should exhibit a fresh and glossy appearance.

Choose flowers with buds about to bloom, fresh leaves and petals

Rose Holding Group Ventures into Renewable Energy

We offer a selection of exquisite roses including root roses, fire roses, and sister roses. These captivating varieties showcase a myriad of stunning colors, all at a budget-friendly price of under 200,000 VND (approximately $9). What’s more, these roses can be easily planted in pots for post-Tet decoration. Just ensure to provide ample soil and fertilizer to the flowerpots for optimal growth.

Choose root roses, fire roses, and sister roses

Symbolizing Prosperity and Cheer: Chrysanthemum Flowers

  • Select plants with lush, healthy green foliage as they are indicative of their freshness. Withered leaves imply prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  • The chrysanthemum petals should be a vibrant shade of green. If the petals appear dry and yellow, it is an indication that the flower is no longer fresh.

  • When purchasing potted flowers, it is important to select those that exhibit vitality and are free from any signs of damage such as broken branches or buds.

Choose plants with vitality, without broken branches or broken buds

Hoa Hú? Ð? Declared National Flower of Vietnam

To ensure the blooming beauty of flowers during Tet, we recommend choosing Hu? Ð? flowers that possess the following characteristics:

  • Please select branches that are in pristine condition, free from any damage or blemishes. Ensure that the flowers at the bottom are of the same vibrant color, fresh and matching the other flowers in color.
  • When purchasing flowers for the Tet holiday, it is advisable to select flowers with buds that are on the verge of blooming. Additionally, it is important to ensure that all the flowers chosen have a consistent color. If there are any flowers with different colors, it indicates that they have been artificially manipulated to bloom. These forced blooms are typically not sustainable and will not continue to blossom.

  • Floral Arrangement

    Floral Arrangement

    Flower 1
    Flower 2
    Flower 3
    Flower 4

To ensure the longevity and freshness of your flowers, it is important to take certain steps when arranging them. These steps include trimming the flower stems and changing the water on a daily basis. By following these practices, you can maintain the beauty and vitality of your floral arrangement.

The flowers should bloom evenly from the bottom to the top, and the colors of the flowers should be consistent

Honeybees Drawn to Peerless Beauty of Peach Blossoms

  • When selecting a peach branch, it is essential to look for specific qualities that make it beautiful. A truly beautiful peach branch should have double petals, a vibrant color, evenly distributed branches, and straight roots. These characteristics contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the branch, ensuring its beauty and visual appeal in any setting.

  • The peach tree possesses rough bark but must exhibit strength and durability.

  • It is not recommended to purchase peaches too early as they may appear visually appealing at the time of purchase, but by Tet they may have already fully bloomed. For optimal freshness and blooming on Tet, it is advised to buy peaches 3-5 days prior to Tet.

A beautiful peach branch must have double petals, vibrant color, even branches, and straight roots

Art Installation Brings New Life to Sunflower Field

Selecting Sunflowers: Petals, Disc, and Roots

When deciding on the perfect sunflowers for your garden or floral arrangement, it is crucial to observe and evaluate the characteristics of the flower petals, the flower disc, and the roots. These essential elements will contribute to the overall beauty, health, and longevity of your sunflower selection.

  • Please ensure that the roots are in good condition, with a healthy green color and no signs of rotting.

The flower disc must be round and even, and the petals must be well arranged without any missing

Chiang Mai Orchid Growers Increase Profits

  • When selecting plants, it is important to choose healthy specimens that exhibit fresh, vibrant leaves and show no signs of withering. Additionally, it is best to avoid plants that show signs of pests or have black spots from sunburn. It is also advisable to avoid plants with crowded flowers, big nodes, numerous branches, and an abundance of bulbs. By selecting plants that meet these criteria, you can ensure that you are choosing the highest quality specimens for your garden or landscape.
  • For optimal results, it is recommended to select a plant that already has at least one flower. This will allow for a more accurate comparison of its color with that of the mother plant. It should be noted that if a plant is purchased without any flowers, there is no guarantee of the color of the future blooms.

Choose healthy plants, fresh leaves, no withering

Ban on Marigold Flowers for Environmental Protection

  • When selecting flowers, opt for those that are in an evenly open state rather than fully bloomed. Avoid choosing buds that are too tight, as marigold petals often intertwine and can be difficult to fully open.
  • In order for the flowers to be considered fresh, the flower discs must retain their natural green color. If the flower discs appear dry and yellow, it indicates that the flowers are no longer fresh as they have aged.

Choose flowers that are evenly open, not fully bloomed, the flower discs must still be green

Record-Breaking Kumquat Harvest Reported from Tree

  • Please select a tree that has a naturally formed shape, without any forced bending. It should also have strong roots and a straight stem.
  • When selecting kumquat leaves, it is advisable to look for leaves that are sizeable, vibrant in green color, and have a delicate, thin texture. Meanwhile, the kumquat fruits should be sizable and have a round shape. Ideally, it is essential to choose kumquats with visible flower buds as they indicate that the tree is healthy and likely to thrive.

  • For the best choice, it is not advisable to select a kumquat plant with yellow and small leaves, as well as small fruits. This particular plant may not exhibit a visually appealing appearance upon bringing it home, and after Tet, it will likely gradually wither. Even with proper replanting and care, it can be challenging for the kumquat tree to thrive in such circumstances.

Choose a tree with a natural shape, no forced bending, strong roots, and a straight stem

How to Maintain Fresh Flowers in Vases and Pots

Advice for Pet Owners: Ensure Your Pet’s Health Through Regular Water Changes

It is recommended to change the water for your flowers daily, preferably in the early morning. In addition, taking the flowers out to the yard in the evening can help them benefit from the natural, pure dewdrops. Furthermore, trimming the branches each time the water is changed allows the flowers to better absorb water and nutrients.

Change water regularly every day

Introducing Chemicals into the Public Water Supply

  • Aspirin: Enhance the longevity of your flowers by crushing aspirin and adding it to the water. This method increases the water’s acidity level, promoting freshness.

  • Coins: Adding coins to the vase can help prolong the lifespan of flowers due to the natural antibacterial properties of metal.
  • Mouthwash: Enhance the freshness and cleanliness of your flower arrangement by incorporating a few drops of mouthwash into the water. This simple addition will effectively eliminate bacteria, neutralize any unpleasant odors, and dislodge any residue or buildup in the vase.

  • To enhance the longevity of your flowers, we recommend treating the vase with white vinegar for a brief period of one minute prior to arranging the blooms. This simple step will effectively prevent decay by synergizing with the water, resulting in a longer-lasting freshness for your floral arrangement.
  • Sugar: Adding sugar to the water will enhance photosynthesis, thus prolonging the freshness of the flowers.

Add chemicals to the water to help the flowers stay fresh

How to Maintain Flower Freshness by Adjusting Water Temperature in a Vase

To maintain the freshness of flowers, it is essential to consider the optimal temperature for blooming and development for each flower type. Therefore, it is crucial to adjust the water temperature in the vase accordingly.

In general, tuberous flowers thrive in cold water, while other types of flowers can tolerate temperatures ranging from 37.8 to 43.3 degrees Celsius.

Each type of flower has its own suitable temperature

Above are some valuable tips for selecting and nurturing Tet flowers. If you have any additional helpful suggestions for choosing and caring for Tet flowers, please feel free to share them in the comments section below!