Ways to Eliminate Unpleasant Smells From Your Refrigerator

Tired of unpleasant smells coming from your fridge? Here are some easy tips to help you get rid of refrigerator odors and keep your food fresh.


The refrigerator is a place to store various types of food, so it is difficult to avoid unpleasant odors. Try these handy tips to effectively remove refrigerator odors.

Method 1: Clean the refrigerator

Cleaning the refrigerator is the first step in effectively removing refrigerator odors. Turn off the refrigerator and remove all preserved food, making sure to discard any spoiled or expired items.

Mix salt with warm water. Remove all refrigerator shelves and thoroughly clean them. Dry all compartments, paying special attention to the walls and bottom of the refrigerator. Leave the refrigerator door open for ventilation and quick drying.


Method 2: Use natural ingredients

Use 1 to 2 fresh lemons. Slice them thinly and place them in the compartments of the refrigerator. The natural essential oils in lemons will help absorb unpleasant odors in the refrigerator.
Orange peels contain natural fragrant oils. Clean and dry orange peels, then place them in the corners of the refrigerator. After about 3 days, the orange peels will absorb all the odors in the refrigerator.

Tea can also be used. Take about 50g of tea with flowers and put it in the refrigerator. The essential oils in the tea will absorb the odors. You can use this tea bag for about 1 month, then take it out, sun-dry it, and continue using it. This method is simple, effective, and economical.

Coffee grounds can also eliminate odors. Just place the coffee grounds in the refrigerator, and after a day, you will see the results.

Use a clean cotton towel. Fold it and place it in the top compartment of the refrigerator to absorb odors. After a while, take it out, wash it, and put it back in the refrigerator to eliminate odors.

Charcoal has good moisture absorption ability. Crush a little charcoal and place it in the compartments of the refrigerator. It can be used for about 1 month before replacing it with a new bag. Activated charcoal, which can be bought at pharmacies, also helps to eliminate odors effectively.

Vinegar is another effective ingredient. Put vinegar in a small glass jar, open the lid, and place it in the refrigerator. It will absorb all the odors and not harm the food.

Using vanilla is also an effective tip to eliminate refrigerator odors. Wipe the inside of the refrigerator with vanilla. To preserve the scent longer, soak a cotton ball or sponge with vanilla and place it in the refrigerator.

Baking soda is also a perfect choice. Mix baking soda with lavender flowers in a small box with many openings. They will help you absorb odors quickly and effectively.

There are many ways to eliminate refrigerator odors. However, you should still clean the refrigerator daily by wiping it clean and store food in sealed containers or wrap them with food wrap. This will not only keep the food fresh but also prevent unpleasant odors.

Note that before placing food containers in the refrigerator, you should clean them thoroughly to prevent any lingering odors on the containers. For best results, combine cleaning the refrigerator and eliminating odors with the above handy tips.

Thành Luân(compiled).