What is Required to Convert 11-Digit SIMs to 10 Digits? Answers Here.

Are you unsure how the recent 11-digit to 10-digit mobile phone number change in Vietnam has affected you and your contacts? In this article, we will uncover all the necessary information regarding this alteration and answer all questions related to the transition. As of September 15, 2018, all 11-digit numbers have been changed to 10 digits - but do you know when to update your contacts? Read on to find out more!


Conversion of 11-digit Subscriptions to 10 digits

The conversion plan will be implemented automatically and completely free

The conversion of 11-digit subscriptions to 10 digits is part of the conversion plan initiated by the Ministry of Information & Communications. Network providers will automatically convert the numbers as per the conversion schedule announced. The conversion process takes place overnight and is completely free of charge.

During the conversion process, users do not need to change SIM cards or re-register subscriber information like before for 10-digit subscriptions. However, some old models of phones may need to be restarted to activate the service.

Continued Communication with Old and New Phone Numbers

After converting the hotline number, it will still retain the new and old dialing parallel for 90 days

After changing to a 10-digit SIM, users can still call and text both the old and new phone numbers. Parallel communication will be maintained for a specified period. Users will be informed of the conversion when calling the old number. With MobiFone subscriptions, additional features will be provided.

Conversion Dates and Contact Update

Answering all questions about converting 11-digit sim to 10 digits

Users are advised to avoid changing their contacts immediately after September 15. Contacts should only be changed after October 7, 2018. This will ensure that communication with numbers that have not been converted yet is not interrupted or lost.

During the conversion period, it is recommended to limit calling, accessing the internet, or registering to use services at night with the number range that has been converted.

Updating Contacts

Transaction points of the network providers are ready to support people to convert contacts

Network providers have implemented the contact conversion feature on their mobile apps. Users can download these apps to automatically synchronize contacts with the new numbers. Alternatively, users can manually change their contacts by copying them to the SIM card or visit the transaction points of the respective network providers for support.

With this information, we aim to address the concerns of users regarding the conversion of 11-digit SIM cards to 10 digits. Stay updated with our latest news on this conversion process!

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